Rumor: Samsung Galaxy S II LTE (Celox) to Have Super AMOLED HD Display

Following the news that Samsung would be bringing an LTE-enabled 4.5 inch Samsung Galaxy S II codenamed Celox, Korean outlet ET News has heard from “industry insiders” that the device will have a Super AMOLED HD display instead of the Super AMOLED Plus.

The differences between the two are resolution – the HD is 1280×800 with 300ppi while Plus is 480×800 with 216ppi. It’s also believed the Super AMOLED HD display will use pentile matrix instead of the RGB we’ve all come to know and love.

The shots we saw earlier of this supposed device suggest it’ll have hardware buttons, but to have a Super AMOLED HD display on this bad boy means we could be looking at a launch with Ice Cream Sandwich. That’s just speculation for the time being, though. For now, we’re just happy that Samsung has decided to stop stretching a WVGA resolution onto 4-inch-plus displays. [Thanks Eric! ETNews (Translated)]

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  • Ian Smith

    I’m sooooooo EFFFING tired of GSII rumors and predictions I just went on ebay today and bought an HTC Dinc 2. I’ll wait now for the next big HTC phone. Samsung has SERIOUSLY dropped the ball on this one.

    • j.k.massey

      Thank You!!! I could not agree more!!! I am just trying to figure out what to buy now!! ANYTHING but Samsung!!!

    • ORITGuy

      By not releasing it yet?

    • DYNK

      Because its such an anticipated phone. The reviews have been so good. thats why people are making such a big deal about it.

  • AndrewD

    and it still won’t beat the iPhone’s 326 ppi, way more than a year later. Android is way behind Apple’s soon to be last gen hardware.

    – Sent from my iPad

    • JMcGee

      Everybody agrees that iPhone’s little screen looks amazing. I’m not sure what that has to do with this article, though. Please learn to troll before the next time you try.

    • ScottColbert

      How are those dual core iphones working for ya?

    • ORITGuy

      Pixels are wasted if they’re too small to see and put into a screen that’s smaller than my Captivate!

    • Chrisrj8084

      What you are forgetting is Apple is ONLY achieving that by keeping such a small screen, if they increase to the rumored 3.7″ screen then that 326 ppi will be definitely be lowered

    • Eric Gonzalez

      Once you hit 300ppi, you won’t see the pixels. Not sure how big of a difference 26ppi would make in this case, but it shouldn’t be much. Besides, I’m okay with that if it means I can watch HD content in, well, HD. :P

    • dazweeja

      Sent from an iPad which has lower ppi than all Android tablets. Which is it? Is ppi important or not?

  • PaulAtreides

    Nexus 3 aka Nexus HD??? However, if it’s a U.S. Galaxy 2 version then I”m not mad about the upgrade to 4.5 screens. Hopefully Sprints version has the bump in size, and not that name floating around “Epic 4G Touch” Blahh!!

  • Missed_the_Mark

    I’m ready for my Exynos powered SGSII. hurry up Sprint!!! I want a replacement for my Evo.

    • Big R

      The rest of this rumored phone that is not listed here is that it is a dual core snapdragon @1.5GHz. PD is a little late on this info.

  • Big R

    This is most likely not the SGS2. This is most likely the Nexus Prime that Google wants to accelerate into October.

    I think Google needs to fix their OS problems first. Stop allowing different levels. All android devices should be forced to the same version. Motoblur, TouchWize, etc should be add on applications to the base OS. The owner has an option to install those. Until then, iPhone has one advantage.

    • Spanki

      I really hope you’re right and this is launching on Verizon soon. I’m surprised it keeps being reported as part of the Galaxy series when there’s no Galaxy SII shown on Hercules and other handsets. It just says “Samsung” just like with the Nexus S. A man can dream I suppose…

  • Kyle Chrestman

    im not saying that anyone has posted this on this particular post, but I’m so tired of hearing people slam samsung and how “they don’t do updates”. well hear is a bit for ya, samsung was the first company to have Gingerbread out, period. Also, their non US carrier FU*KED handsets all got their updates in a timely manner. Ive been holding out forever, for the GS2, and the only way ill buy it is if it packs exynos in it. They make the best hardware in phones anywhere period.

  • DYNK

    They should use this screen for the next Nexus…
    Samsung makes the best screen in the world.

  • MrDSL

    I have heard pentile matrix sucks for reading text..Does anyone know if that just won’t be the case here?

    • bobjinx

      I believe that when you approach the limit of human resolution (i.e. 300-340dpi at standard viewing distance), pentile matrix’s don’t have the same problems that they have in lower resolution displays since you can’t see the pixels anyway.