Google Decides to Retire App Inventor But It Will Live On Through Open Source

The bad news? Google has officially announced that they will no longer be supporting App Inventor and will be closing the doors on this Google product sometime within the next 90 days. The good news? App Inventor will be given new life with Google open sourcing the code for all.

App Inventor was a tool provided by Google that allowed would-be developers to make an app with little-to-no programming knowledge what-so-ever. Instead of writing code, all a user would have to do is visually design an app using App Inventors GUI and use blocks to specify the app’s behavior. Most people used it to create “gallery apps” or even simple games like “WhackAMole” and submit them into the Android Market where they sat back, and watched the money pile up.

The death (and inevitable rebirth) of App Inventor comes with the shutting down of Google Labs of which AI was apart, so most of us knew this was coming. Props to Google for open sourcing the code and I’m excited to see what comes out of the ashes. Long live App Inventor!

[Via GoogleLabs]

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  • GiqueGEAR_Todd

    This was a nice program to show the basic capabilities of Android, but I’m not sure it did the Market any favors. Either way, kudos to Google for letting people continue to play with it in the open source realm.

  • skynet11

    AI is dead… Long live Ai!

  • outkastz

    It was nice for whipping up a basic app.

  • KyleNC

    Will it now allow the ability to see the finished code instead of just the app as a whole?

  • presto117

    Wait, since when could you upload an app inventor app to the market? Last time I checked you couldn’t.

  • Chris R.

    Well that sucks. Although I didn’t have much luck trying to create a program myself. Maybe I’ll have to give it another try here quickly! I need an app for my website!!!

  • Len Waugh

    Had this had the ability to work with the Android Market it would have likely been at least somewhat successful. But as is, it was a neat toy but I don’t think it was worth developer time. Now, a Visual Studio’s styles IDE to replace eclipse… that would be something that would bring dev’s to the android scene.

  • peggy bascin

    you can use a program called app to market it is free and can take apps made with app inventor and make them so you can put them on the android market