Walmart, Amazon Offering 8-inch VIZIO V-Tab for $300

If you were ever wishing for a tablet to accompany your internet connected VIZIO TV, you’ve caught a break – the 8 inch VIZIO V-Tab is now on sale for $300 at both Walmart and Amazon. While this thing isn’t going to be desirable to most of you, VIZIO’s integration with their internet-connected products could be worth shelling out for it. (And you’ll get all of the other functionality of modern pre-Honeycomb tablets, as well). A 1GHz processor 512MB of RAM and 4GB of storage won’t turn heads in a crowd of tech geeks, but it shouldn’t be half bad for what VIZIO intends for its users to use it for. [Laptoping]

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  • durangojim

    This was on sale at Costco when I was there yesterday. Quite a few people looking at it.

  • DarrenR

    Really the only thing special about this one is that it has the capabilities to be used as a TV remote. IMO after playing with this one, one of the Acers, and the playbook, the Acer destroys the other two.

  • lordmerovingian

    Why does it look so dark, mysterious and ominous?

  • randy cowles

    why couldn’t they just come out with an app? lame

  • randy cowles

    never mind it probably has an ir in it.

  • Rich

    What we want is a 7inch tablet $250.00 price point, 2 core 16g