Samsung Hercules for T-Mobile is Indeed a Galaxy S II Phone


If you still had any doubt that the Samsung Hercules would be T-Mobile’s Galaxy S II (or one of several possible variants for it), our friends at TmoNews have procured evidence that further strengthens the rumor. We don’t see much in the shots here, but the back shows T-Mobile’s logo, the Galaxy S II branding and that curved bottom that exists on every Galaxy S II device, while the front shows the set of four capacitive buttons instead of the usual Galaxy S/S II configuration.

T-Mobile’s variant also has more rounded corners than the original Galaxy S II. We still don’t know much about T-Mobile’s version of the Galaxy S II, or any carrier’s for that matter, but it’s possible their version could come with Tegra 2 instead of Samsung’s Exynos processor. This one will also have a 4.5-inch display compared to the original’s 4.3 inches. In any case, all of these leaks mean we’re getting ever closer to a US launch and that’s about all we can ask for at this point. [TmoNews, PocketNow]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. I wonder if this will be this month also. I’m confused by last week’s leak about the Verizon Stratosphere launching Sep 8 not only because the exec who indicated Aug launch (doesn’t mean THAT much) but also because I thought it was pretty well confirmed it would be the Function, not Stratosphere.

    1. Stratosphere is probably a slider that was leaked awhile back.

  2. I will be seriously disappointed if this launches with anything other than the Exynos. Samsung has proven the exynos processor is the one to beat (until the monster coming the with nexus 3/prime) is released. I will skip the GS2 in favor of the next nexus if it launches with a snapdragon or tegra2. Time will tell.

  3. If they neuter the entire Galaxy S II line for the U.S with anything other than the Exynos processor, I’m going to be furious.

    Samsung finally blended together hardware and software in a cohesive way, which NO other Android device has done. The reason this phone is so well reviewed and responsive, is because of the mating of those two pieces. If they throw is some generic PoS tegra or Qualcomm chip, they will probably lose out on a lot of the smoothness throughout the UI, since the structure of the GPU’s is probably different.

    1. +1
      Qualcomm and Nvidia can go f*** themselves.

    2. THIS x a million. I will buy 2 of these if they have a exynos, 0 if they have a tegra or qualcomm. The chip is a bigger selling feature than the screen to hardware nerds. GIVE US A EXYNOS.

      1. its probably not going to have a exynos… I think they put a tegra in it..Passed through the fcc with a tegra at least

        1. That was a different version that had the tegra 2.

    3. Yea Samsung is fucking out of their MIND if they think I will buy this with a less than impressive tegra 2!!! Thats the main feature to nerds… the EXYNOS!! Fail and fail again. Ill buy if it has exynos tho

    4. Even still it’s sad that Apple and Sony have Imagination Technologies SGX543 line on lock right now.

  4. I think Stratosphere is a code name given to the phone. Much like “Shadow” was given to the Droid X before it’s release.

  5. I dont think verizon will get the galaxy s2 til late september or even october…I can see this thing being pushed…Tmobile and sprint and att will def get this before the verizon variant dont ask me why that is just how verizon rolls

  6. Oh man I hope it’s the exynos

    1. Exynos or GTFO

  7. You guys are retards and clueless, exynos is nothing special, mali is weak, why would you think it’s any better than other a9 cortex based cpu’s? Stop drinking the cool aid and media reviews meaningless.

    Galaxy s2 with the crappy Tegra 2 already out benchmarked Exynos and clocked lower.

    1. Wow…does it hurt that much having a non-exynos chipped handset? or maybe you’re just a nVidia fan?

      Go back 2 months to all the reviews they did with Exynos vs All other crappy cpus. I think you forgot. Numbers don’t just mean nothing you know.

      Humminbird 2010 is comparable to Tegra 2 2011
      Exynos 2011 isn’t really comparable right now… maybe something in 2012. Like Tegra 3. That’s how awesome it is. Mali is weak? wow I just wasted typing to this noob…

      1. “Humminbird 2010 is comparable to Tegra 2 2011”

        so you must be a chip maker since you know so much…

        1. Because you know if he has never had two phones with those cpu’s and he never experienced what he may be claiming? I messed with both and Hummingbird is just as good as my tegra 2. That says something about the power exynos might have.

    2. Exynos has neon. Tegra2 does not. Their cortex A9 cores are similar but the Mali 400 slices and dices the tegra2.

      Then there’s the A5 which owns em all

  8. t mobile owns
    g2x sensation now a gs 2!!

  9. Love the back. I think it is better designed than the Galaxy S II International version…

    1. Agreed

  10. wonder what the screen resolution is/ hopefully this one is qhd

  11. i really don’t see why samsung would want to put anything other than the exynos processor in their flagship phone… unless the 1.2 GHz tegra2 that nvidia has been talking about is the tegra chip put in this phone. that’s the only chip i could see worth being put in the galaxy s2, however i would still prefer the exynos.

  12. Im still wondering how this is a Galaxy S II with no center button? Looks exactly like a Nexus S with Galaxy S II written on the back. Also I have a guess that the US variant models will be the last to get updates because they are variants from the original Int’l model. Why cant US carriers just release the un-molested original Samsung Galaxy S II? Seems making one model with same specs, same design is a lot easier than having to support all these different models. Good luck Sammy.

    1. Because in america we hate buttons! :P jk idk i just wish they kept the same model for everyone but then here in the states there is no competition between the phones itself….. kinda dumb but as long they don’t lock down the bootloader i won’t care much

    2. Because the button makes it a direct copy of an iPhone which is why no USA galaxy S phones had the buttons either.

  13. 4.5 inch phone display is amazing. More space for widgets. :)

    1. more space for widgets? they didn’t add extra pixels…. the pixels are just bigger. so the widgets will just be bigger, you wont be able to fit more….

      1. Oh yes you are right, Actually i have HTC Wildfire. So definitely more space for widgets for me. :)

  14. The most important feature will be whether it is HSPA+ 42 capable.

    1. You won’t even get 20 anyway

  15. I’m getting two if it has the Exynos chip, none otherwise and will wait for the next Nexus, simple as that

  16. How many of you guys complaining about the tegra 2 actually have a tegra device to base your opinion on?

    Benchmarks are “on paper” stats that ppl blow outta proportion…kinda like the Miami Heat.

    1. I have Tegra 2 and there are times where it lags a bit but for the most part they run smooth but have a good gut feeling that Exynos will run better. Look at Hummingbird still better than most chips out now.

    2. Ummm. Xoom and tab 10.1 blow at running quake 3. And umm scrolling. And switching orientations. Total suck.

  17. According to engadget its suppose to have a qualcomm dual core 1.2 and hspa radio…. unless its a typo on their end….

  18. No way this is a GS2, just the external specs you cite are out of whack. I’m really hoping Sprint announces theirs this week….

    1. Except for the fact that it has a “Galaxy S II” logo on it, and quentyn is pulling those specs out of his arse… Man you Sprint fanboys are f*cking stupid.

  19. can somebody please show me a link where a 1.2ghz exynos clearly outperforms a overclocked 1.2ghz tegra2.

  20. Many games are optimized for tegra 2, not exynos.

    1. No they’re not. The Tegra2 uses a VFP which sucks and optimizing for it doesn’t increase performance whereas compiling for neon gives the Exynos a 40% boost.

      The Tegra Zone is a lie.

  21. nvidia showed their plans to release a 1.2GHz tegra2, it would be awesome if they included that.

    1. -1000

      A 5GHz tegra2 would still suck

  22. This looks terrible.

  23. Ouch… Can I get a 4″ one please thanks.

  24. You can use other launcher’s and have more widgets without it looking too small

  25. LeakedDave said
    You won’t even get 20 anyway

    Why? Do you mean because no one gets the theoretical 42? If so, I agree. But the only HSPA+ 42 device that T-Mobile has is a USB modem. All their 4G phones get a max of 7-8 Mbps here, in a city that is HSPA+ 42 enabled. That is because none of their existing 4G phones can take full advantage of HSPA+ 42. I don’t know what it takes to be fully HSPA+42 compliant, but I hope the Hercules has it.

  26. why the F*CK did they get rid of the the 3 buttons? US Telecom Companys always F*CK Shit up.

  27. Can’t believe the HATE towards Tegra 2 on this discussion. Unbelievable! First off unless you own a Tegra 2 powered device you have no room to talk. The Tegra 2 is by far a great processor. I know being a G2x owner. Plus this freaking T2 overclocked is a freaking BEAST! A 4639 Quadrant score is not too shabby on a 1.5ghz overclock..hell it’s overkill! I actually keep mine it at 1.2ghz for some added snappiness and decent battery life. People please if you consider yourselves Android enthusiasts you know damn well there will always be something bigger,better, & faster right around the corner. It’s just the way it is in the Android world. But hating on current and dependable technology is plain nonsense. I could sit here and mention how fast & stable the Tegra2 is but in end it doesn’t matter. You are all fanboys before you have even had your hands on an actual SGSII. In the meantime I’ll enjoy my G2x and know that the future is bright for Nvidia and it’s future tech. The Exynos looks like a definite powerhouse and more innovation brings more competition from manufactures to out do each other. Remember who’s wins in the end..WE DO! ;)

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