Gingerbread Now Rolling Out for the HTC Inspire 4G

After a bit of confusion surrounding the initial rollout of the Android 2.3 update for AT&T’s HTC Inspire 4G, users are reporting that the update has begun in earnest. The over-the-air update has begun rolling out to handsets, and HTC has updated their Inspire 4G support page with the new OS changelog and a manual download of the file. Here is what to expect:

  • Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread
  • Updated Application Tray features
  • Updated FriendStreamâ„¢ features
  • Added Quick Settings in the Notifications window
  • Improved Power Management function
  • Improved media experience
  • Various minor bug fixes
Inspire owners too impatient to wait for the automatic OTA update process can head over to the HTC source link below for complete installation instructions.
[HTC Support via AndroidForums | Thanks, Sean!]

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  • DarrenR

    It seems to be an HTC update and not an AT&T update for you inspire users.

  • william hudson

    Were is sense 3.0

    • Peter Henkel

      On Sensation and EVO 3D.

      • Bite My Taint

        And rooted S-OFF bootloaders….

  • Kevin Jin

    wheres the thunderbolt gingerbread update

  • Gus70

    Thank you HTC! or do I need to thank AT&T too??? Only thing I don’t like is the new app drawer screen at a time scrolling….I preferred it the old way where I could quickly scroll down the list. Oh well…you win some and you lose some

  • Devon McManus

    Love the update, thanks HTC for releasing when you say you would!

  • Sheldon

    so checked for the update per the instructions given…? nothing avail yet, from att or htc… is it because i’m on the east coast or something?