CyanogenMod: Coming to Motorola ATRIX 4G,Motorola Triumph and LG Optimus 3D

CyanogenMod 7 is headed to a trio of new phones sometime soon. The Motorola ATRIX has gotten a pre-beta build of the ROM, something that was possible due to the 2nd-init breakthrough. Some things will work and some won’t – it’s a beta, after all. But if you want a preview of what CyanogenMod 7 will feel like on the most powerful phone AT&T has, get that Nandroid situated and flash this bad boy. Links at ModMyMobile.

Next, member isaacj87 has been feverishly hacking up his Motorola Triumph over the weekend and came up with this – a bootable CyanogenMod. Unfortunately, he says “pretty much everything” isn’t working right now, but we trust you guys aren’t too bummed at this point. Download isn’t yet available, but follow that thread to follow his developments.

Finally, the LG Optimus 3D will be getting CyanogenMod, and even better news is that development is coming along very smoothly. At this point, the developer behind it has many of the essential components operational, including autostereoscopic 3D. That means you won’t have to be tied down to LG’s base ROM if you want to enjoy CyanogenMod.

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  • Drew Wiebusch

    you might want to check that first sentence again. I think you mean cyanogen is headed to three new devices.

    Wake me up when it gets to the evo3d.

    • polarbehr76

      In before it gets edited.

    • Danny Wilson

      No, I believe they are officially renaming CyanogenMod to “The Motorola ATRIX”

    • Quentyn Kennemer

      Lol what a silly mistake. Thanks!


  • Robert Alex Kibler

    Yes! Maybe now I can convince my girlfriend to root her Atrix and put CM on it. Meanwhile, I’m still stuck with a Droid 2 Global, which is completely worthless.

  • AJA0

    What about the Droid Charge =*( ?

  • Tom Leskin

    CM7 is possible on the Atrix because of the bootloader being unlocked, not because of 2nd-init.

    Also, I tried it on my Atrix this weekend! It’s pretty nice :) What I’ve been hoping for since I upgraded from my Nexus One. Still not ready for everyday use yet, for me at least

  • malfuncion

    Actually the 2nd init has nothing to do with the Atrix getting CM7. I guess you missed the memo, we have a full unlock for the bootloader now. We also have an “official” clockwork mod that supports both internal and external SD, Nandroids, and other goodies.

  • vitriolix

    Wonder whats taking so long with 7.1 … I’ve been stuck on RC1 for a while

  • Joey Menard

    YESSS <3 SOOO EXCITED i switched from verizon (incredible) and found myself missing my CM7