HTC Desire users in the UK now Download the Debloated Gingerbread Update

If you’ve been waiting for an official upgrade to Android 2.3 on your HTC Desire, you’re in luck – it’s here. It’s still HTC Sense, but you’re getting a debloated version that removes all carrier-installed applications, all wallpapers except one and several HTC applications. The latter two category of things will be available for download on HTC’s developer portal. You’ll also see Facebook gone, but this application is available on the Android market.

For now, this one is only for handsets in the UK. Still, we’re glad to see HTC supporting a handset that is still pretty decent by today’s standards. Their willingness to get rid of their own applications and obliterate the ones of their carriers is a good sign that they’ll do whatever it takes to continue support for devices that haven’t been on the market for less than two years. The update is available via HTC’s developer portal. [Facebook, Thanks to everyone who sent this in!]

The major changes in this update include:

–                 All customizations, including operator applications, will be removed

–                 All wallpapers, except the default wallpaper, will be removed and placed online on the HTC Developer website

–                 Several HTC applications will be removed and placed online on the HTC Developer website

–                 The official Facebook application will be removed and is downloadable on the Android Market.

To download this update, please visit…

Note: This Rom update is for development only and not for general public use.  Upgrades to non-authorized phones may result in loss of functionality.  In addition certain functions may no longer be usable after re-flashing the ROM, including but not limited to MMS and SMS and HTC also disclaims liability for any unusable functions.  HTC disclaims liability for the loss and/or leakage of any personal data resulting from the re-flashing of the ROM.

Updated – The following regional variants are not compatible with this upgrade: Germany (Telekom Deutschland), North America, South Korea and Japan.

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  • dandybuck

    sweet. now do the same for my Evo shift

  • Paul Swift

    Hmm, maybe sweet but its been availabling, including some of those apps from XDA developer type people. How come they can do it and HTC can’t?/??

  • dandybuck

    it’s not that they “can’t” it’s that they “wont”

  • Patrick Cassels

    I have a feeling Cyanogenmod could be seeing a sudden spike in new users..!

  • DYNK

    just shows the lack of solid good hardware in HTC phones…can’t even keep up with a firmware released originally 6 months after the Desire came out last year. That is poor.

    Galaxy S has been out same time last summer and they are on 2.3.4 now! [FULL Gingerbread 2.3 build]
    fail HTC. Get some decent hardware so they can at least run firmware updates to last a year…

  • Chrisrj8084

    I’m happy to see this release, hopefully the source code will be released soon so that us HD2 users can have a proper GB Sense port