HTC Kernel Source Galore Today (Both EVOs, Incredible 2, Sensation 4G, and Facebook Phones)

Looks like that huge campaign against HTC regarding unreleased kernel source worked – a lot of goods just popped up on their developer site today. We have the EVO 3D, HTC Sensation 4G, the HTC EVO 4G’s Gingerbread update and the DROID Incredible 2’s Gingerbread update. The HTC ChaCha and Salsa have also received some kernel source love. Head over to HTC’s site to dig in. Oh, and with the belief that we’re possibly just hours away from S-Off for the Sensation 4G and EVO 3D, this couldn’t be more perfect in terms of timing.

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  • Andr3ww

    Finally! Custom sbc gingerbread kernels on my Evo. I feel like a super nerd, but my Evo’s battery life sucks!

  • Michael Christopher

    Oh Snapple! I cannot wait to root this sensation….. Battery life is already wonderful… New radios, SetCPU…. and other goodies are gonna make this phone an entirely new SENSATION!

    Not to mention…. finally getting to free up all that ram!

  • Frank Durocher

    What does this mean exactly? That all the work to break the locked bootloader will be unnecessary now? (EVO4G)

    • Michael Christopher

      Yes. Those people knew the goal they were working towards, and knew that it could be a waist of time…… but they went ahead and did it. Some I guess did it for the challenge…. and some I hope will have done it to help the Open Source community move forward.

      Either way… Thank you for trying, and I cannot wait to see what you guys do with all this fresh clean code!

      • Frank Durocher

        Then this is the BEST. NEWS. EVER. (today)

  • Nadim Sellshomes

    I am really hoping to get my Evo 4G ROOTed again!

  • toomuchgame441

    BBest news I’ve heard all day… Can’t wait to see some new updated Roms

  • ILIkeBubbles

    Dinc2 + cm7 = win?

  • Frank Durocher

    Uh oh…

    RT @agrabren Way to go #htc with your releasing the wrong source code. Please comply with #gpl

  • Alex Lock

    ugh and this is when i wish i knew how to root D:

  • damian salvatto

    So this here is for those who are developing programs??

  • linzheng1
  • Bite My Taint

    WTF, why is the Thunderbolt left out in the cold?

    Gaah, and Sensation free, right after my Tbolt 30 day return period expires! Dang, I am unhappy with HTC right now.

  • dman977

    I like how they say “Both EVOs”. There are three EVOs out there, you know? Think about it.