T-Mobile Offering In-Store Gingerbread Update for myTouch 4G Starting August 5

Last week T-Mobile announce the beginning of the slow roll out of Gingerbread for the myTouch 4G. HTC celebrated with cookies, while owners of the handset tried their best to patiently wait their turn. But T-Mobile is attempting a new update strategy for those who just don’t have it in them to wait it out. Beginning August 5th you can take your myTouch 4G down to your local TMo shop and have the update manually loaded onto your device. The myTouch 4G support page has been updated to reflect this, revealing that the process most likely will wipe your handset’s internal storage of any saved data and cautioning that you may be waiting up to 30 minutes for the update process to complete. Let’s hope HTC gets some more of those cookies out there stat.

[via AndroidPolice]

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  • FreakFly

    geez…. they need to hire some folks from the XDA forums to flash the upgrade without data wipe… and in under 30 mins. Wow, that’s a long time to flash with no restore.

  • LewsTherin006

    the cookes htc sent were good, they didnt last a day at my store. Hopefully people remember their gmail account passwords

  • http://twitter.com/tmpalladino Tommy Palladino

    Thanks for the offer, T-Mobile, but I already did this myself. I don’t mind the fact that doing so wiped my data, because it let me start with a fresh slate. I now have only the apps that I use consistently. And, might I add that the ol’ MT4G is performing quite quickly as a result of the update and the wipe.

  • http://Phandriod Juan

    The stores in Richmond, Va. don’t know nothing about this upgrading your phone