Samsung Galaxy S II US Sign Up Page Goes Live

The Samsung Galaxy S II US sign up page that went semi-live last night is now ready to accept your information in exchange for the latest updates on the handset that has been selling like hot cakes in other regions of the world. Word from Samsung is that the phone is on schedule for an August release in the states, a timeframe corroborated by numerous rumors and recent leaks. No, this sign up page isn’t anywhere near as pleasing as a release date announcement, but it’s a sign of good things to come.

[via Samsung | Thanks, tehsusnoh!]

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  • tehsusenoh

    Hotcakes are delicious.

    • ericsorensen

      Yes, I love hotcakes!

  • F150Fan

    Signed up!!

  • dcyamaha

    signed up! got the text, but no e-mail.

  • Paladaxar

    Oh thank you Jesus :)

  • Jeffrey

    Awesome, hopefully this gets released soon, im up for an upgrade next week. I subscribe to the internets, I am sure they will let me know!

  • carbonbased573

    I wish they had live updates of a graph displaying the number of people signed up vs time.

  • Guest

    I dont get these…. They email you like 1 week before the phone comes out and 2 weeks after the tech blogs have already told you.

    I signed up on one of these months ago, I got an email like the day before the phone came out and many days after the carrier had already officially announced it

    • MarcusDW

      But if feels good to sign up for THIS phone doesn’t it?!

      • Guest

        Haha well I guess you do have a point.

  • endone

    where is the nexus prime signup? :)

    this will do for the time being!

  • Big R

    This thing needs to get here soon or it will lose sales to people willing to wait for the Nexus Prime

    • Chris Chavez

      No word yet on what carrier will land the Nexus Prime. As for me, I tend to live for the here and now. If they Nexus Prime melts my face off, I could simply sell the SG2. No sense in waiting for “something better” cuz when it comes to tech, you’ll wait forever…

      • endone

        Rumors say that it will come to the big 4 at the same time… but again, just a rumor =(

        If you get the sg2 when your contract is up, then you’d be paying full price for the prime… unless… you can sell the gs2 for more $ than you bought it for?

        • No_Nickname90

          Huh…? I tried to read your little price thingy. o.O

          Um… let’s see. Buy the Galaxy S2 at $300 because of new contract. Easily be able to sell it for $300 on the streets, Craigslist and especially eBay (or others).

          Since your still on contract, you buy Nexus Prime for $500, minus the $300 you have, meaning you bought it at $200, or new contract price.


          It probably doesn’t matter anyways. :

          • endone

            I understand what you mean. I didn’t realize that used phones would sell for that much online… never tried to be honest… thank you!

          • No_Nickname90

            Online it becomes a bargain. But some phones lose there value fast. LoL!! But yea, you’re welcome.

      • No_Nickname90

        Hmm… Well the previous Nexus…sis… have all started off being GSM phones, so I’m guessing Tmo and probably AT&T will see it first. And isn’t Sprint starting a GSM network too? So I guess them too then.

  • BackInAction

    Is this for an unlocked device? Or is Samsung expecting to forward these requests to a particular carrier.

    • chris125

      They have an option to choose a carrier.

  • yippiedad

    “Who is Jesus and where’s the cake?”

  • Andrew Haslem

    For people wondering about the 4G stuff, here is the spec on the brand new US site. “HSPA+ 21Mbps.”

  • chris125

    Hopefully verizon doesnt change it up like they did with the fascinate.

  • MarcusDW

    So there’s 7 carriers to select from on the sign up sheet. I wonder what that means??

    • dbcad7

      It means that there are 7 different delivery dates.

    • endone

      i asked myself the same thing… no word on this phone will even go to t-mo

      i think that 7 carrier selection is just for FUTURE news, could be anything really

  • Christopher Suits

    Signed up, obviously!

  • iceberg020

    i think it’s too late for S II

    • j.k.massey

      Could NOT agree more!!, The interest in this thing is GONE, I just have to decide what to get now, but this one is getting old before it hits!

      • Chris Chavez

        Best quality camera in its class.

        1080p video (can’t get any higher than that)

        Great battery life.

        SAMOLED Plus display. (unmatched)

        1GB of RAM.

        Dual-core Exynos processor.

        Exactly what specs look old to you??? :O

        • Brian

          That’s the European version who knows what they will do for the US verizon version

    • Chris Chavez

      Why? Because we’ve known about it for months? When it drops, it will still be – hands down – the best phone out for every carrier.

      How long that will last remains to be seen…. =p

  • J Dub

    I was gonna sign up then saw the options. Looks like basically signing up for crap tons of stupid Samsung emails. I will let Phandroid and other blogs let me know way before this.

    • v8esprit

      Amen, I totally agree. I’m guessing the editor has already signed up.

      • Chris Chavez

        I signed up. Twice. o_O

  • Ryan Gavigan

    I asked like samsung’s VP of marketing for verizon about release date, said it does look like mid august