Gmail Updated to v2.3.5 – Now Featuring Label Ringtones and Sync Priority Mail Only

Google has been on top of their stuff lately, I’ll give them that. This time they’ve update Gmail in the Android Market to version 2.3.5 and with that, a couple of awesome new features to help keep your sanity. The first being label specific notifications, which can come in handy if you’re like me and have about 40 emails hitting your device every minute and don’t want to have to keep checking your phone for every incoming message. The other is sync priority mail only which could help conserve battery and leave the unimportant emails waiting for you to check on your comp when you get home. Also added was remember “show pictures” for senders (THANK YOU!) and various other improvements.

For some reason the update is showing on the Android Market web but if you check your device, the update should be waiting for you. Enjoy!

[Market Link]

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  • ReverseRoxas

    Gotta love Gmail, and thanks for telling us about the update! I see some nice features here (:

  • endone

    Not sure if this is new , or if i just realized it, but now if you write “attached”, “attached you will find”, or “please see attached” in the body of your gmail email, and you forget to attach the attachment, you’ll get a little reminder after you push “Send” that says “did you forget to attach your attachment?”

    i thought it was helpful!

    • Chris Chavez

      Woah.. I think that is new! :D

    • Douglas Kerr

      The regular web version has this feature. I never tried an attachment and forgot to attach it on my phone, though. So I don’t know if it is new for the phone only.

  • James

    So, things working out with you and Kim?

    • JamesS

      Not if she finds out about Jane being in town for the weekend. :P

  • Cray Lim

    No update avail on my device. Not sure if it’s because i am on 2.3.4 and the update is for 2.2 to 2.3.3, according to the description on the web market. Anyways, I am gonna try pushing the update from the web market.

    • Jaime J. Denizard

      I’m running CM7.1 RC1 (which is 2.3.4) on my EVO and I got the update.

  • Henning Hoefer

    …and as always, it’s unavailable in Germany (because of the stupid G-Mail vs. Gmail trademark battle over here). Does anyone have an APK download URL?

  • JakeMG

    Anyone else having this problem: after I update when I press menu>settings, the only setting available is “general preferences.” Every other option has completely disappeared.