Sprint Kyocera Echo Receiving Gingerbread Update August 1st

For all 4 of you who picked up Kyocera’s dual-screened Echo and were worried the device would simply be lost in time, stuck with it’s customized Android 2.2 firmware, fear not. Kyocera is increasing their Android “street cred” thanks to an Android 2.3 Gingerbread update making its way to Echo’s all over the country. The OTA update will begin rolling out starting August 1st.

I’m not going to knock the device (I thought the idea was actually pretty cool) but nobody was sure exactly where Kyocera would stand as far as firmware updates were concerned. Looks like they want the world to know they’re taking this Android thang seriously. Any of our readers own the device and are excited about the update?

[Via Android Police]

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  • Boondoc

    I’m sure both owners of the Echo will be pleased.

  • Bandage

    Had this phone for 2 weeks…loved it, truly. However, it was surely lacking in the hardware dept. and while the bezel wasn’t overly distracting, it was a nuisance.

  • Rouel

    Does anyone care?

  • http://vipergaming.org Monkey

    Best Article Evar “For the 4 of you that bought this.”

  • Carmen Diva

    I never understand why people always bash particular phones.

    • Boondoc


  • RockingmyEvo3d

    I am pretty happy for all echo owners

  • No_Nickname90

    I thought about getting this when I was about to start a new contract, but I used the demo and it was impossible to wield the phone. And the fact that there is a spare battery means the phone must be guarenteed to die within a day, meaning you will be turning your phone off. Small problem, but get’s in the way. And how do you charge your spare battery, because I like to charge my battery when I’m sleep. Dugh!! Issues that prevented me from trying this phone. There goes my only DS Emulator phone. LoL!!

    • Jean-Paul Detiege

      It came with a spare battery and an external charger. And the spare battery could be swapped out or just plugged into the phone through the external charger, so you didn’t have to turn off your phone to use it. (It would just have a mutant second battery connected with a cable if you chose not to swap it out.)

  • Chris

    received the gingerbread update on 8/1 for my Kyocera Echo over wifi, Installed under 15 mins. no problems