Samsung Galaxy Skin – The Future of Android Phones [Concept]

As much as I wanted to title this post “BREAKING: Leaked Pics of the Samsung Galaxy S 3″ I refrained myself. Either way, this is still pretty impressive. Normally, I’m completely against concept phones. I think they’re silly. Yes, they always look sexy, but in the end will do nothing but give you tech-balls (no need to explain). The reason I’m posting this concept phone in particular is because there has been a lot of technical advancements in terms of flexible AMOLED displays and flexible lithium ion batteries these past few months. So, while we’re still probably around 10 or 20 years away from actually making a phone like this possible — I mean, c’mon. It’s pretty damn cool. Just grab a towel and drool over these pics for the next 5 minutes.

[Via YankoDesign]

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  • Diego Montano

    dats cool.

  • AJA0

    1st? cool.

  • Michael Radcliffe

    I would donate a testicle to have this phone today.

    • tagno25

      So would I, just not mine.

      • Dominick Dahl-Lacroix

        I’d donate mine, gladly.

  • DrizzyGadget

    Please just patent it to the fullest extent

    • Matthew Poulsen

      luckily the patents will nearly be expired by that time.

  • jawman

    No room for the insides!? Those must be photoshopped images on the screen! Unless….they exist!!

    • Matt Foley

      read the article.

      • jawman

        Yeah sarcasm.

        • Matt Foley


        • Chris Chavez

          HAHA! Its horrible when you have to explain a sarcasm post to someone. Lol

          But you just never know with people on the net! =p

          • Matt Foley

            This is true Chris, and on a side note, I dont want to see you post any other articles tonight unless the topic is about samsung sending me a free GS2.< no sarcasm. XD

          • Chris Chavez

            *sigh* I think I want that phone worse than you. Lol A duel then! *slap*

  • DPtheKid


  • Gregory Krauland
    • Matthew Poulsen

      its not just about the screen. AMOLED’s have been evolving for a long time. Notice the flexible graphene chasis?

  • Chrisstian Medrano

    flexible screens do exist, and samsung is the one who got it out already, on laptops and watches, we just wont see this for a couple of years!

  • kkjdroid

    “10-20 years” You do know that the iPhone 3G (343MHz) was considered high-end as little as 3 years ago, and now we have 1GHz dual-cores in phones, right? This is 5-7 years away at the MOST, and I can’t wait.

    • Matthew Poulsen

      The iphone was not technologically limited. This is. The materials science and physics and economics have not been completely worked out on the components here. Its not a matter simply combining already existing parts. And that’s all the iphone did. There was not a tech breakthrough in that phone. The phone above requires large technological advances. 20 years is probably an overestimate, but 10 years is an underestimate…thus the reason for the range.

      • nilbud


    • Chris Chavez

      Yes and in 10 years we’ll have hover boards and flying cars… o_O

      • C Barry
        • ionekoa

          luckily unavailable to the average consumer. idiot drivers at 1000 feet is the LAST thing we need.

        • Brian Leleux

          Can that even be considered a flying car? When someone says “flying car,” I automatically think of the Jetsons’ type of flying car. Not something that is a car, but also a plane at a different time.

          It’s not a flying car unless I can hover over traffic…

  • cheetoresidue

    It reminds me of a gummie bear, gummie worm and taffy. I can’t wait to get it so I can eat it..

  • madjedi

    At least 10 years away and only 64Gig storage!

  • dcyamaha

    gotta have the prior art concept out there. otherwise apple fanbois would exclaim tot he world that apple invented it.

  • Arnel Narciso J. Elero

    Nothing is impossible

    • smc29


  • Tre’Vonte’ Smith

    Lets see Apple sue them over this… They’ll think of somthing and i wonder what version of Android will be out in 10 years maybe Truffles!! lol

  • iceberg020

    finally a phone i can wear on my wrist. awesome

  • fluffy

    All I think when I see this is “interesting, but damn will it be awkward in my pocket.”

  • Dave Torres

    One word…..SICK!

  • Ryan Gavigan

    I was talkin to a friend of mine who works with marketing for samsung with verizon and said he saw that 18 months ago, how *&%#ing crazy is that? thatd have to be the best job ever

  • Brian S.

    lol “tech-balls” btw this comment text box should be on top

  • Joshua Gilmet

    Anybody that thinks this technology is 10 years away is off their rocker and seriously uninformed. This phone is 3 years out at latest!!!

  • Anna Giese


  • Yaser Khan

    dats future..