Angry Birds Delivers 15 New Levels in Latest Update

If you haven’t gotten sick to death of this game and all variants of it by now, Rovio has just issued 15 new levels to the main installment of Angry Birds. Mine and Dine is the theme as you traverse through rocky underground tunnels trying to destroy those green bastard pigs. Why they’re even in  a tunnel, I can’t say. But they’re there and it’s your job to get em out. Free download in the market.

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  • TheDrizzle

    I am so sick of hearing about this game. No fault on Phandroid, I’m just sick of it lol.

    • HalfwayCrook

      agreed. they should rename it Boring Birds

  • Wesley

    I prefer the original Angry Birds, glad there are some new levels.

  • jawman

    Seriously? This was deserving of its own story? It seems like Angry Birds dishes out a new update every month. Getting boring. I haven’t upgraded to the latest 3 worlds. It’s all the same thing, just a different background or a couple new effects. I think Phandroid should refrain from Angry Birds postings. It’s gettin kinda old.
    Sorry for this rant, I just had to do it though. Much love all.

  • Justin Willoughby

    It does not look like the update is in the Amazon appstore yet