AT&T Set to Get a Non-QWERTY Galaxy S II, As Well?

Fret not, AT&T users who also happen to be keyboard haters – it appears the carrier could be set to carry a Galaxy S II variant that does not have a hardware QWERTY keyboard. Android Central received a photo of said device and were told by the tipster that it is indeed Galaxy S II branded. It’s worthy to note its shape – it doesn’t look a whole lot like the Galaxy S II units in other parts of the world, and its shape doesn’t fit the universal case allegedly headed for the three biggest carriers in America. That could just be AT&T wanting to be different, but there’s no telling this soon.

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  • Tati

    How about this… why NOT just release the galaxy s2 as designed and conceived by Samsung??? huh? what is wrong with the international version?

    But I guess US carriers want to “fix” it.

    • TheDrizzle

      I agree with this to an extent. I think they should just get rid of the big iPhone home button and put the standard four Android buttons for America. Other than that, keep it the same across carriers.

      • Erick Bernal

        The “iPhone” Button Is Cool!
        Just Because There is A Button There Doesn’t Mean It Makes It iPhoneish
        You Don’t Call Every Car With An Engine In It A Ford Do You?

        • TheDrizzle

          No, you don’t call every car with an engine a Ford, but if a car has a blue oval on its grill you would say that it looked like a Ford. So if you don’t like Fords, then the blue oval is not appealing.

          • Andrey Feldman

            Im sorry but that’s a bit stupid…. its a button damn it, looks nothing like the one on the iphone

          • HalfwayCrook

            You’re in denial if you say the iPhonesque button on the GSII button doesnt liike like the one on the iPhones

            I’m glad the US carries replaced it with 4 capacitive ones

          • Zomby2D

            So, based on your comment, I shouldn’t buy a Subaru because I don’t like Ford cars. Is that correct?

        • ILikeStake

          My the hell are you capitalizing every word in your sentences? Don’t you feel weird hitting shift all the time?

          Or better yet:


          he i



        • Michael Williams

          Horrible Example

  • lospulpo

    Hmmmmm…. I like the keyboard. 2 devices tho? Interesting…

  • iPhoneBestPhone

    wow lol att gets to pick from the og euro ver, us keyboard ver, or us non keyboard ver.

  • Josh W

    come on sprint i love my epic i use my qwerty mainly just to play old nintendo games but its handy at times for long messages ill never want to go all touch i enjoy physical buttons

  • Ray Fingers

    So glad to hear this. Though I really thought the phone was going to be great as-is. Not sure why they had to tinker with the shape.

  • João Rossa

    i wonder why does the us always has more options???i wonder if the keyboard version will like the epic where it didnt release in Europe…

  • endone

    Im losing heart in all this GS2 talk. Nexus Prime please!

  • Spartoi

    Hmm, it appears that I am the only with the intellect to assume that this is the same slide-out keyboard GS2 variant but just has its keyboard slide-in.

    • ILikeStake

      How do we even know its AT&T? Conpiracies!

    • Ray Fingers

      Front facing camera appears to be to the left of the ear speaker where on the slideout version, it is to the right.

      • Spartoi

        You can’t see the FFC on the keyboard one.

        • Ray Fingers

          There are multiple pictures of the one with a keyboard. In one, the FFC is clearly visible on the upper right side. On a slightly older image of it with a screen protector being peeled off, it is also visible on the right side. On the photo above, if you download it and adjust brightness/contrast (or look at it on an LCD WAYYYY off center), the FFC is in the upper left.

    • iljm83

      LOL@your “intellect”. Ray Fingers is now the official owner of your “intellect” my good Sir. :-P

  • Richard Gilboy

    Clearly this is the iPhone 5.

    • ILikeStake

      HAHA thats funny Dick! You don’t mind if I call you Dick do you?

      • Richard Gilboy

        Go ahead

  • InspectorGadget80

    Looks like AT&T is getting all the glory from Samsung. Can’t wait to see this one!

  • t1mothy tAn

    Whats with all the variations? And are these gonna be coming with Tegra 2 chips or SLCD screens as rumored? Why cant they just release the same handset for every universe in the ultraverse?

  • etobare

    somehow i don’t think the qwerty one will be sgs2-series, maybe something like the droid charge, with an overclocked hummingbird?