Walmart Offering MyTouch 4G Slide Preorders for $100

While T-Mobile’s already opened the floodgates for preordering the MyTouch 4G Slide from them, you can get it a bit cheaper if you don’t mind going through third party channels. Walmart is offering the device for preorder, as well, and they’re willing to let it go for $100 after a two-year contract, no rebates required. Put your order for one in now and look forward to it on July 27th. [via Cellphonesignal]

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  • T-Marco

    I will get mine now!!

  • David Gray

    I REALLY want this phone but I’m not sure if it has enough “UMF!” to beat out my Nexus S. I mean the no lag camera is kinda cool but I’m not a professional photographer so not a huge selling point. I like the idea of REAL 4G but let’s be honest, in ChiTown theres no chance of me pulling 42mbps so speeds not really a factor. I guess I’ll have to hold it for myself and check out the keyboard 1st, that’s how I’ll make my decision. What do you guys think, if I ROOT this bad boy up can it be the Nexus S killer I’ve been looking for?

  • Parkes

    thats not the upgrade price is it…..sigh

  • Matthew DeKoekkoek

    Requires a new UNLIMITED contract and only applies to the first line. Getting this phone on a 2nd line through Wal-mart, the phone is considerably more expensive. This isn’t really a good deal even, unless you have 1 line, are a new customer, and want unlimited talk.

    • David Gray

      You nailed it, NO GOOD DEAL!!!