Vizio Tablet Starts Appearing at Retail

Preferred not to order your Vizio tablet online in order to wait to get your hands on it? Reports are coming in that the tablet can now be found in some retail stories, namely Costco. It’s not a Honeycomb tablet and it won’t wow or impress you or even your technology-ignorant friends, but it’s poised to shape up to be a decent companion for Vizio’s internet-connected TVs. Make sure you have $330 in hand when you walk in just in case you’re somehow impulsed to walk away with one. [Engadget]

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  • ryan rochford

    its the 2nd hallf of 2011 and your not packing HC…..c’mon visio

    • No Name

      I think you meant to say – c’mon Google… Stop holding HC for the preferred list of vendors, and release the source code already!

  • Steven Skwarkowski

    WAY too late to the party…as always. Vizio is the WalMart Soda of the electronics industry!

    • Landon VanBuskirk

      I’m sorry but the Vizio tablet looks better than all of the other Android Tablets out there. Mostly because it isn’t an overpriced piece of trash.

  • Sian Stanley

    It’s clear this tablet is being marketed to the more casual user that won’t care it’s not running HC and etc.

    Even still, at a price point of $330, the specs should be a bit better.

    On a side note, I love Vizio’s televisions.

  • randy cowles

    I just want vizio app so i can use it with my tab 10.1

  • Jason Harris

    these are terrible tablets. We have one on display at the costco I work at…