Lenovo’s IdeaPad K1 and ThinkPad Get Unboxed [Video]

Look at you, hungry for more Lenovo tablet news and multimedia. We’ve got a plate full of stuff to help you with that problem, though. Both the Ideapad K1 and the ThinkPad have been unboxed on video. They give a bit of background on each tablet before unboxing and show us a bit of it in working function. It’s worth two quick looks, but you may want to hit that play button soon as these videos could get deleted just as soon as those images did yesterday. IdeaPad’s above, ThinkPad’s below. [NotebookItalia]

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  • Marcus Freisleben

    I definitely need to get rid of my Transformer. Anyone? :D

    • Marcus Freisleben

      (i am serious btw. Hit me up on twitter(@frysee) if you’re interested.)

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1520243487 Griffin Craig Walmsley

        whats wrong with the transformer?

  • HoonJung

    That thinkpad seems to be something that might be worth the money for me:D doo want

  • http://www.elijahlynn.net/ Elijah Lynn

    I have a Transformer and this looks nice, but it would be bitter sweet to get one of the Thinkpads. I like that the Transformer’s dock has the extra battery power, a lot. I also like how the dock is part of it on the Transformer.

    The Thinkpad pen looks very nice in addition to the touchstick in the middle of the keyboard (I am a huge touchstick fan) but not sure if I would use it like I would on a non-touchscreen Thinkpad since I can just touch the screen now.

    Also, it looked a bit more laggy than the Transformer. I am an Android fan but the iPad still has an edge over the responsiveness of all the Android tablets right now. I still love my Transformer and would choose it over an iPad but I hope the Android team can work with some manufacturers and have real time responsiveness soon. I know they are getting closer and it is only a matter of when.

  • http://profiles.google.com/bitflipster Mark Gjoel

    They say that this is the only tablet “in the industry” with a full size USB port. Is this because they feel they have the only “industry tablet” or is it because they don’t consider the Transformer dock usb ports a part of the transformer, and additionally haven’t seen the 10.1″ Archos tablets?

  • Tim Smoot

    Huge bezel crap is TIRED!

    I hated it from the giddyup on the iPad, I don’t know why it keeps getting perpetuated!

    Additionally, why would ANY other vendor make a tablet that resembled the iPad in any way? I am glad people like what they like…but I am pretty sure if I wanted an iPad, I would just get an iPad….not something that “looks” like an iPad!