Samsung Fascinate Should Be Getting CyanogenMod 7 Nightlies Soon

Hurrah! It’s NOT impossible to get CyanogenMod 7 on CDMA Galaxy S devices after all (in nightly form, anyway). One of the project’s maintainers for the Samsung Fascinate has tweeted that it’s “all merged in” and that we should be seeing nightlies any day (night?) now. That’s good news. It’s not there as of the time of this posting, but be sure to keep an eye on this link. And by keeping an eye on it, we do mean hitting that refresh button every half second. Get to it! [Android Police]

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  • Bunklung

    Droid Charge next please!

  • John Jimenez

    epic is what i’m waiting for.

  • amygjung

    EPIC EPIC! Our audience were excited to hear. Great share and thx for the visits to the blog (@advancedtechkr)