4G LTE Roaming Long Off From Now, Says Verizon


Wishing to roam on AT&T, Sprint’s or someone else’s 4G LTE network now that most of the US and the world over are adopting it for next generation data speeds? Unfortunately, that won’t be possible… not yet, anyway. A Verizon spokesperson confirmed that, even if they wanted to let their customers roam on AT&T’s LTE network or even international carriers’, they wouldn’t be able to do it due to widely varying frequencies that the data networks for each carrier will be running on. It’s unfortunate, but we understand.

We hope in the future LTE roaming can be possible, but as of yet it isn’t. Besides, we still need more than just a few carriers to get their networks off the ground before we can even consider such a thing. AT&T should get their ball rolling this summer, while Sprint is expected to announce their plans at the end of this month. [PCMag via Engadget]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. (We haven’t figured out how to charge you out the wazoo for it.)

  2. Until they all use the same (real 4G) technology, it ain’t happening. Right now, it’s a mess of whatever they could launch the cheapest, and then it was mostly done grudgingly. Carriers hate spending money.

    1. This article is about the fact that they WILL all be using the same “LTE” 4G technology, but that they are using different frequencies, so they will NOT be able to roam, or able to take phone from one carrier to another.. I knew that would be the case in the US, and have been amused for years before Verizon launched the first LTE at the gullible people who believed that LTE would finally make phones carrier independent.. Without the FCC coming to it’s senses and forcing this to happen, you are never going to be able to buy a phone and use it on any carrier of your choice in the US.. The carriers don’t make phones, it’s too bad that none of the handset manufacturers can’t (or won’t) make a phone that does just that.

  3. I couldn’t care less about roaming on 4G, or even 3G, for that matter. What I want to be able to do is swap out a 4G SIM card at will, when I need to.

    1. Exactly! When I go to a different country I never, ever roam on my US carrier. I swap out SIMs and get a local number at a local rate. If I need to call back home, I find wi-fi and get on Skype or Gtalk on my laptop,

  4. The FCC are so far up the carriers asses they don’t see daylight. If they all used the same frequencies it just might save the American Consumer a few bucks. The FCC is all for the Carriers, that is a sad fact. Sadly pathetic.

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