Samsung Mobile Romania Twitter Confirms Nexus 3 – Packing New Super AMOLED HD Display


I always love a good mystery. Combine that with some juicy Nexus rumors and you’ve already got me salivating. Well, apparently the Romanian department of Samsung Mobile has been a little chatty on Twitter as of late. Scanning through their Twitter I found all kinds of tweets and retweets in regards to the rumors that Samsung will be the manufacturer of choice for Google’s next Nexus device. While, my Romanian is a little rusty, I was able to use the power of Google Translate to translate these tweets into English and screen cap them for you all. When asked about the next Nexus device, SamsungMobileRO tweeted someone that the production of the phone should be starting soon and it will probably launch late 2011.

These tweets/retweets could be seen as some sort of confirmation that Samsung will, in fact, be producing the next iteration of the Nexus and it will be the go-to device for showing off Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. This actually falls in line with the recent rumors BGR got rolling when they claimed to have “inside sources” close to the Nexus 3 project that cofirmed the device would be manufactured by Samsung.

If you look at the tweet below, Samsung Mobile Romania even confirms that the Nexus 3 will also have the fabled 1280×720 Super AMOLED HD display (a DPI so high, it will make Apple’s Retina display look like 8-bit) although it links to some blog citing BGR about the rumor.

I don’t want to get into other unconfirmed rumors that the phone will be packing a quad-core processor or spit out Toaster Strudels but there you have it. Straight from the horse’s mouth so it seems. Or could this merely be a clueless Romanian tweeter excited about the Nexus 3 rumors and who just happens to be in charge of Samsung’s twitter? No saying for sure.

What do you guys think? Could this be real confirmation from Samsung Mobile (Romania)? And how do you feel about the possibility that the next Nexus 3 might come from Samsung? I mean, all Samsung would have to do at this point is slap stock, vanilla Android 4.0 on a Galaxy S II and I’d still be happy. Either way, I will say this — the plot thickens…

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Chris Chavez
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  1. I just hope that it doesn’t go the way of honeycomb and lose the dedicated buttons.

    1. OMG! Nexus 3 Super Amoled HD FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lets hope sammy sheds some plastic and packs some metal. And I’d be down for the loss of buttons IF the screen was big enough.

      1. Samsung doesn’t use metal because the cpu gets so hot that metal would get dangerously hot in your hand. The SGS II cpu actually has its own heatsink.

        Motorola uses plastic as well, your argument died along with the Sensation having a mostly plastic back as well

        1. There are ways to integrate plastic into the design and construction of phones without feeling and appearing to the customer that it’s a cheaply made product. Samsung does not bother to do this. That’s why they will have that label attached to them and rightfully so.

  2. HD Resolution on a phone is insane. I plan on switching to the new Nexus later this years because I’ve been following Android for some time now and I’m jealous of the fact that every update its always Nexus that gets it first and many times other phones are months and sometimes a year behind in OS version.

    1. same here, this is going to be my next phone guaranteed.

      1. i am either getting iphone 5 or nexus 3 if i go android i would not get any other android phone other than nexus due to updates.

  3. “…that the production of the phone will start now and it will probably launch late 2011.” I read that tweet very differently. I read it as “production has yet to start and will probably start late 2011.”
    That falls in line with a late 2011 early 2012 launch.

    And yes, I’m salivating and waiting patiently. I’ll be sad to let the N1 go, but I have a feeling I won’t be once I’m holding the N3 :)

    1. Same here. N1 to N-Prime.

      1. Feel both of you brothers … it’s hard to let N1 go!

  4. good lord, samsung again?

    1. well I believe it still is better than LG?!! I wish it was Motorola tho.

      1. Hahaha, Motorola make a Nexus? That’s a good one.

        1. Rumour has it Nokia will be making the one after that!

          1. and fact has it that this would destroy the relationship they are establishing with microsoft in an effort to justify them existing at all in coming years

          2. Then Microsoft will demand a licensing fee from every Nokia phone that’s sold.

        2. what’s wrong with that? Nexus suppose to be a Google Experiment phone, and every company should have a chance to do it right? as much as I know Motorola has better built quality than rest of the manufacturers

      2. and why?

    2. samsung have vastly improved, most of the components in the s2 are a complete overhaul/new supplier/new technology since the first galaxy phone. if they continue like this they will be the premiere mobile brand.

      1. Look at the nexus S and all the problem it has. No it is not all the carrier because multi-carrier are having problem with the unit.

        1. why don’t you go take a doung…. doung = shit in korean

    3. yessss!

  5. i was born in romania!!!!!!!
    (sorry, i just had to say that) :D
    anyways this better be true. i can’t wait the new nexus!!

  6. nice, my contract ends at December! whoever phone carrier got it, i am going there.

    1. Same here! Contract is up at the end of november, but I’ll pick my carrier based on that phone.

      1. I did that too but Sprint service sucks now do I moved to Verizon so I’m just hoping Verizon gets it with LTE :D

        1. LTE are nice, i also want verzion to pick it up.

  7. @micah madru it proably will as google is trying to unite the code for tablets google tv and phones so that it is more manageable

  8. Niiicceeeee, Android is the king

  9. I hope they put a sd slot, minimum 4.3″ and reliable radios. Then it sounds like an acceptable phone. The NS was a disappointment.

  10. I’m hoping that Samsung does a good job on this… and PLEASE make the screen huge.

      1. I want a near-bezzeles 5 incher…

        And it to be the second ever stock android verizon phone please!

      2. That’s what she said *cough*

  11. I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream (4.0)

    1. Kudos to Samsung! Glad they’re on it again~

    2. I just Ice Creamed my pants….

  12. hopefully a good carrier

  13. Woot! By the time it lands in Canada I can upgrade without guilt.

  14. This might be photoshopped

    1. It is, I’ve seen some shops in my day. You can tell by the way he said “While, my Romanian is a little rusty, I was able to use the power of Google Translate to translate these tweets into English.”. Suspicious Chris…

      1. HAHA! You guys over estimate me. I barely know how to use MS Paint let alone Photoshop. Lol

  15. im looking forward to this

  16. Aight SAMSUNG, you listen to me now damit, Ive been patient for MONTHS now, and still no SGSII (function, im on verizon) so do this for me then, RELEASE the bloody thing by early August, WITH the Exynos, and as an apology for making me wait, you can slap an HD AMOLED on it, and I will forgive you :)

    1. It’s Verizon’s fault dumbass. Why should Samsung have to manufacture a different model with a CDMA radio just so it works on ONE CARRIER.

      1. they still have to make different radios for at&t jackass because the international version only works on at&t 2g or whatever you want to call it.

        1. Actually, the international SGS2 is quad band HSPA+, same hardware will work 100% on AT&T (just like it’s already doing in Canada).

          All AT&T needs to do is stock the damn thing.

  17. OMG… please come to VZW, have 4G and a battery that last for a full day under heavy use… I don’t want or need two phone bills…. plus Toaster Strudels sound amazing right now

  18. Verizon LTE Verizon LTE Verizon LTE Verizon LTE + Nexus.


    1. who those spec you know how long the phone will last? Maybe 5 hour of talk time?

      1. People talk on phones still?

      2. ….Standby

  19. I was concerned when I first heard Samsung was making the Nexus S but I think they did a great job so happy for them to do another.

  20. I hate technology. I buy something top of the range and within 6 months it’s already old news :(

    I want the Nexus 3 but I bought a SGS2 which would make it around 7 months old by the end of the year.

  21. “with a DPI so high, it will make Apple’s Retina display look like 8-bit.” In yo face Apple!

    Nexus 3 + 720p + 4.5in + quadcore + 4G = awesomeness

  22. I don’t care who makes it… just bring it to Verizon. Please?

  23. oh god i seriously hope it’s not samsung. how do people not remember all the issues their phones have had? also, those tweets do not confirm they are making the phone. first tweet does not mention the nexus at all. second only mentions that a samsung screen would be used. in fact, if the second one is an older tweet and was posted first, then the first one might be referring to the screens beginning production.

    1. What problems? The Nexus S was a great phone. If you’re referring to the SGS1 gps problems that was a problem with the Broadcom sourced gps chip. Even without a U.S. launch the SGS2 is clearly the best android phone on the market and will crush everything else if it ever gets a U.S. release.

  24. Come on samsung and google lets bring it to verizon!

  25. Highly highly highly doubt it will come with android 4.0, since Ice Cream will probably be 3.3/3.4/3.x. Think about it. So far, Ice Cream does not sound like a massive leap from honeycomb. In fact, it sounds very iterative from honeycomb with some features added. However, the phone line will be hugely affected, and phones get the full point bump to prove it. Besides, 3.0 just came out. I don’t think they will have the full 3.x series be honeycomb.

    It’s far too early to tell, but the following update series wouldn’t surprise me.

    2.0/3.0 First OS version. Huge update, but missing things/might lack polish. Will get a few .x updates with the same name to make it ready for mass adoption.

    2.2/3.3 First name change for the OS series, and is primarily a fleshing out of features. How many apps are 2.2+? No small amount, and they were coming out when only the N1 had froyo. Why? Probably a lot of new things devs could do with 2.2 that couldn’t be done with 2.1. I expect this to be the same for ICS, in fact, that’s really all we now about ICS. Features.

    2.3/3.4 The polish update. Take the things that the last update added, polish them up, really make the OS shine. 2.3 did this. I expect 3.4 to be the same. That is at least 8 months away though.

    4.0 will be something big across the board. Right now, ICS only looks to be big on devices stuck on 2.x, meaning the point jump would bring it to 3.x.

  26. Guess that pretty much kills the whole WebOS Samsung rumor. I doubt HP will want Samsung when they’re already so buddy buddy to Google. That’s fine by me though. WebOS is nice, but I’m sticking with Android and I like having Samsung on our side.

  27. I love my Nexus S 3G on T-mo…but I didn’t own a Nexus One as a comparison. I didn’t miss the lack of SD slot. I didn’t miss the lack of indicator light. I think a heavier build and maybe some metal components (like the N1) would have been a plus (but that’s not how Samsung seems to do things, right?) The big “plus” in this, would be that Google partnering with the same company twice in a row means a longer working relationship on a project, so hopefully they come to some understanding as to what they want…if, of course, any of this is actually true.

  28. Either give me 32gb of on broad memory or at least give me a microSD card slot. And I’m dying to know what carriers will be supported.

  29. Count Dracula approves :D

  30. Samsung sucks big time. Their phones feel like a plastic toy. The nexus one is by far a better built phone then the nexus s. HTC was first to make an android phone and should be the only one to make a pure Google phone cause they know how to do it right. If this phone is plastic again I’m sticking to the nexus one. Samsung is becoming the apple of android phones every one buys it cause of the name and that it has a ui like the iPhone. They don’t buy it cause its the best. Htc has proven they are the best and have continued to be the best android maker.

  31. I can understand why google would want to stick with Samsung. If you look at their previous (or future) phones the specs are outstanding. Dual-core 1.2 Ghz, Dual-core 1.4 Ghz, Super Amoled Plus, HD, and whatever else is possible. Samsung makes undoubtedly the best hardware in the business. Therefore, when you put the stock google-made software on flagship Samsung hardware, it turns out pretty darn nice.

  32. Considering Gingerbread was made to use a Super AMOLED screen, it was wishful thinking to think it was going to leave samsung. There is a reason why there is a lot of black in Gingerbread.

  33. “a DPI so high, it will make Apple’s Retina display look like 8-bit”

    Who wrote this line? Chris or the Romanian site? It’s silly either way. Yes there was a 4″ 1280×720 screen announced a while back (Toshiba I think), and before that was a 4.5″ (Hitatchi). The former is 367 DPI which is 13% more dense than the iPhone 4. The latter is exactly the same DPI is the iPhone (326 DPI). One cannot know if the DPI is higher or lower than the iPhone until we know the screen size. And even a 13% jump in DPI is not going to be like the 100% jump from the iPhone 3GS to 4, it isn’t going make the iPhone look bad, but it will be a worthwhile improvement.

    I’m hoping the next Nexus phone does come out with 1280×720, I’ve been waiting for this resolution in a pocketable form factor for years. My choice is 4.5″. 4.3″ is OK, but a 4.5″ screen at 16×9 is the same width as an Evo 4G and the extra length can fill the front face without buttons so I see no need to go any smaller. Going a bit bigger to 4.6 or maybe 4.7 might work, but going all the way to 5″ unless the display goes edge to edge in vertical and horizontal directions (which is not going to happen) is too far for me – any phone bigger than 70mm x 125 mm does not fit comfortably in my front pants pocket.

    Looking forward to this phone – I hope there a ton of leaks between now and Thanksgiving.

  34. Samsung Nexus Prime is a 1280×720 Super AMOLED HD on a 4.5inch edge to edge Gorilla Glass screen, 12 and 3mp rear and front facing cameras with LED Flash, Nvidia Tegra 3 processor with 1gig of RAM, 32gig of memory with an expandable micro SD card, 4G radio on GSM band, operating on Andriod 4.0 Ice Cream Sunday with no dedicated physical or capacitive buttons (only power, volume and camera) a plastic build quality and roughly 8mm in thickness to be released in December.

    1. Plastic may not already feed as high quality, which is why I bought an HP Envy for it’s metal build.

      But my captivate still looks and feels sexy naked in hand and doesn’t dent if you drop it like I’ve heard the Nexus one does when you do it from a good height.

      How about metal combined with a body of polycarbonate that doesn’t scratch easy, won’t crack like plastic, and won’t dent like metal.

  35. “(a DPI so high, it will make Apple’s Retina display look like 8-bit)”

    Don’t think so, depents on the screen size… 4.5inch + less then Apple, anything smaller is higher DPI then iPhone 4 :D

  36. Eh. Samsung’s Nexus S didn’t impress me all that much. It’s not bad at all, just didn’t Wow me. I’d prefer the other rumor I read today about HTC making the next Nexus phone. Or the one with them doing a “Google+ Phone”. (That one was cute.) Still…I won’t get too excited until I read a legitimate announcement. I’m just glad it’s not LG or Motorola.

  37. Here you are again like last year speculating on the possible features that could be next Google phone, hopefully not again have another disappointment, seeing that the cell does not come with these Technical Characteristics, as happened with the nexus s when we was waiting an phon with dual core samolded + 1giga ram etc,so the best thing we xan do is wait to the phone has been realized.

  38. Google obviously wants to put a screen on their phone that doesn’t suck. What kind of screen has been on BOTH Nexus’? AMOLED and SuperAMOLED. Google is obviously shooting for screen quality and SuperAMOLED Plus or HD is ONLY gonna come on a Samsung device at this point. Am I wrong??

    I personally have never used an Exynos device but from all the tests i’ve seen, Exynos is the best out there on a phone today.

  39. Guess im not so upset considering the fact that the SG2 is greatness. The Nexus S sucked though.

  40. All I want is a LED notification

  41. I love my Nexus S 3G. I buy this Nexus One on my birthday. I don’t miss the lack of SD card slot. Do not miss the lack of indicator light. I think a heavy buildup and perhaps some of the metal components.

    cases.com coupon

    1. “don’t miss lack”? That’s a double negative sir. Which means you miss sd card support and indicator light O.o

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