Amazon Also Has Vizio’s Tablet, And for $30 Cheaper

Looking for alternatives to buying from Vizio directly? If you’re one of those folks who like buying from Amazon, listen up  – Vizio’s 8 inch Android tablet is up for pre-order there as well. In fact, Amazon has it for $30 cheaper than Vizio. They’re carrying the device for $350 compared to Vizio’s $380. Ballsy. Couple that with Amazon Prime eligibility and you may want to cancel whatever order you made with Vizio.

If you need a refresher, Vizio’s tablet isn’t Honeycomb enabled but ties in with many of Vizio’s television application services. Its specs are modest with a 1GHz processor, 512MB of RAM and 4GB of internal storage. Over time, it could be a fantastic companion to an internet-connected Vizio television. If you fit the bill for that market, be sure to give it a closer look at Vizio’s site before deciding to write it off. [via Netbook News]

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  • Anthony Domanico

    umm… $350 and $380, you mean?

  • Steven Osborne

    Walmart has it for 338

  • CaptEnder

    It looks like Amazon’s offering is sans the case and 16 GB MicroSD card. Probably worth the $50 difference. What intrigues me most about this tab is it’s ability for use with Vizio tvs, which is what I have. If all it does is give me a keyboard to search Netflix, it’s worth the money to me!

  • proofter

    My family had two Vizio TVs that both stopped working after 13 months. Vizio is cheap crap.

  • Eric Chan

    Actually it’s available now and the cheapest is at Costco. $329.99