How to Find Your Facebook Friends on Google+ Using Yahoo or Windows Live Mail

Just received this quick tip from a user of ours who was trying to find a way to see if any of their Facebook friends are on Google+ without having to ask them individually. This method assumes that your friends use the same email address for both Facebook and Google logins.

1 ) Go to sign in or make an account
2) Import Facebook contacts to Yahoo and export those contacts into an CSV file
3) Import the CSV file into Google Contacts
4) Head to your Circle page and go to “Find and Invite”
5) People you know already registered to Google+ will show up

This will also work with Microsoft’s Live/Hotmail platform. It’s interesting to know that Facebook blocks the use of a certain Google Chrome plugin that automates this functionality without having to sign into a different email network and without having to download files. Facebook says they don’t believe users should be granted access to their friends’ email addresses if they aren’t publicly available on that user’s profile.

Noble, but as our tipster points out, Yahoo and Microsoft should both be without the functionality if this is truly the case. Sounds to me like someone’s trying to prevent folks from importing their friends to Google in fear that they may use Google+ and, get this, actually like it more than Facebook. Well, another announcement made this morning suggests that much, anyway. [Thanks Kawang!]

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  • Dan Theman

    This has already been blocked for several days. What’s with you guys and outdated Google+ rumors?

    • Collin P

      Have you even tested it? Because i just did and it still works.. /facepalm

      • Kawang Wong

        Dan is thinking of the Facebook export extension. Which isn’t working for most users.

        The method posted up works the same way except you have to have a medium like yahoo or hotmail.

        • Collin P

          It’s just sad that people don’t even read this content nowadays.. just splurt out nonsense and move on.. But who knows maybe its just Zuckerberg secretly trying to trick people.

    • Dan Theman

      My mistake on that one. I had my Facebook platform apps completely disabled and the error message gave no indication of that when it refused to import my contacts into Yahoo. Temporarily reenabling platform apps allowed it to work.

      Now we’re even on the premature “Google+ is open to everyone” post.

    • Kawang Wong

      that was my fault. I sent the email under the impression that it was open because I told my friend to sign up and it somehow magically worked for her. So I sent of that tip, but I immediately sent a second email saying false alarm. Don’t blame phandroid. People make mistakes,

      • Quentyn Kennemer

        Actually, Kevin was able to get in as well, but Google quickly shut it down.

  • Kawang Wong

    ^^ no, it works. I just did it this morning. It uses Yahoo or hotmail because those email providers allow porting facebook contact info into their contacts.

    Facebook and Google have something against one another so they refuse to allow contact info interaction.

    It’s a stupid reason.

    It only exports contacts that are available to the user. so if your friend has posted their email up in the contacts

    • Dan Wright

      Odd you would say that, as I look at my android phone with an official facebook application that allows for facebook contacts to be integrated into the phone contacts list.

      No interaction you say? I call poppycock!


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    i like google+ alot more than facebook just got to play the waiting game to get people to make the transition

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    Easier to just cut the cord and start fresh on G+

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  • windrush

    Also: afaik that certain chrome plugin only takes the email address from those contacts that have it publicly available, so fb is just talking BS.

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