How To Video Podcast Using Google Plus Hangouts

Facebook is okay. Twitter is neat. But Google+ is already opening doors. With the new “Hangout” feature, the Phandroid team tested out something we’ve wanted to do for a LONG time: video podcasting. The main thing holding us back in the past was a simple technology to get the job done. Well, check out what we were able to accomplish with Google+:

What we did was extremely simple:

  • Create a private G+ Hangout with those video podcasting
  • Use Camtasia, set the recording area to a custom size that fits the Hangout video
  • Press the record button and start your podcast!

I had to use a microphone that recorded the sound coming out of my laptop speaker, so sound quality wasn’t good. Kevin and I were also using our built-in laptop cameras so our video quality wasn’t great. But when it comes down to it, this was a test run that can be greatly improved upon- we just wanted to test it out, share the idea, and see what you folks think.

Most of all, I hope Google takes notice and continues building this out as a native feature set with YouTube integration. Some things I’d like to see:

  • Set private Hangout/Podcast participants, but allow other Circles or the general public to view the video stream
  • Enable the “host” to selectively allow people watching (but not participating) to get face-time: this could be the equivalent of “calling in” to ask a question or having a guest on-air
  • Allow recording of the video which would automatically be uploaded to your YouTube account for future viewing
  • Take it one step further and imagine live polls, overlay graphics/text, and elements that would not only improve hangout as a feature for friends but make it the most compelling (and free) video podcasting solution on the planet.

So… what do you think?

Keep the opinions coming!

Please sound off in the comments if you’d like to see more of these videos: ¬†what specific topics/ideas would you like us to cover?


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  • Balthazar_B

    If you want the option to give watchers face-time, you might want a seven-second delay option so that your public show doesn’t turn into Chatroulette…

  • Richard Gilboy

    Heres what you should do. Besides making it into a youtube video you could make it into a live stream on ustream and then you’ll be able to have a live crowd without having people in the hangout room.

  • Kevin Kennedy

    You can send feedback directly to the Google+ team. Click on the little “gear” icon in the upper right part of the screen, and in the menu that appears, select “Send Feedback”. This morning a little “Send Feedback” box appeared in the lower right corner of the screen, too–it does the same thing.

  • Stifledgenius

    My only concern would be putting up dangerous or illegal content. I know people are supposed to be 18, but it could be dangerous is a kid was watching and someone decided to be stupid.

  • extrafuzzyllama

    I don’t see this idea happening.
    Because Google is high on privacy after some of their previous fiascos like buzz.
    so recording a hangout would require everyone’s consent and I don’t think Google wants to deal with that.

  • Guest

    This could be really useful for film criticism, for example. A couple of film critics would comment over the video they’re watching. Editing tools within the “hang out app” would also be cool, to cut between the users, the movie clip itself, and so forth and so on.

  • google plus project

    I think google + will beat FB , bcoz it had more good features. But I am afraid Google monopoly over web.

  • Minja Miketa

    They won’t do it because it doesn’t fit with their image for Google+

  • ionekoa

    i just want to get into google+ i have an invite but it’s still not letting me in!

    • Lucian Armasu

      I hear it’s open now (on and off)

    • Norah Shannon Medlin

      ditto, got an invite but only let halfway signup

  • cas_e

    The thought of listening to you guys in a podcast is bad enough, let alone watching you guys in a podcast..

  • William Fernandez

    Can I Haz Invite??

    • Laurie Jackson

      i sent you one


    Cannot wait to dump Facebook. I would love an invite?…

    • Laurie Jackson

      sure, it’s sent.

  • adi19956

    put a standard 3.5mm wire from your headphone jack to your microphone jack, then use that as a mic to record, simples.

  • Bob Waltman

    What plugin are you using for the polls?

  • Samir Faci

    I also think it would be amazing if Google + hangouts would allow for screensharing..and capturing.

    ie. Person explaining topic.. switch to desktop.. record what he’s doing as he narrates.. then switch back to cam.

  • Arin

    Yes, you have just tapped into something phenomenal. I really liked what I saw in it. If you can kindly post a step by step instructions on how you achieved it, I thnk it’s fascinating. I am going to share it in my stream for sure.

  • Kermit

    This is awesome. There’s only one problem, really. Rob, you talked too much! Heh.