Motorola Droid 3 Has Its Specs Leaked Online


I was going to title the post “BREAKING LEAK” but that didn’t sound quite right. In any case, it looks like the guys over at Android Central were able to snag a snapshot of a chart showing off the specs of Motorola’s upcoming Droid 3. While there’s not too much here we didn’t already know/guess, it’s nice to finally see it in print.

Whereas other Droid devices are having trouble getting up to Android 2.3, this device will come with Gingerbread already pre-installed. The phone will also be yet another “world phone” or “global phone” as some like to call it, meaning you can use the phone with all those GSM networks overseas. As far as processor goes, you have a slightly out of the ordinary Texas Instruments 1GHz dual-core OMAP4. The display is a sweet 4-inch 960×540 qHD and lets just hope we’re not looking at that Pentile Matrix stuff from the Droid X2. 8MP camera on the back for shooting in 1080p and a handy front facing camera for video chat.

With one of the best QWERTY keyboards on the market and the phone hitting that 4-inch screen sweet spot, I think this will do pretty well in Verizon’s lineup. Looks to be a great sequel from the Droid 2 in every way. What do you guys think? Anyone planning on picking one of these guys up on launch day?

[Via AC]

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  1. love it, but man im missing that LTE

    1. I feel like carriers are purposely telling OEM’s to hold out on certain features for future iterations. Kinda like what Apple does. I mean, how else would you explain it?

      1. It just doesn’t make sense that they would wanna do that? Wouldn’t more features mean higher sales because it would appeal to a broader range of people?

        1. I mean, Apple’s been doing pretty well with that business model…? =/

        2. It’s a waste of money to have EVERY phone have 4G because 4g isn’t available everywhere, and it’s not a necessity for every user. They are keeping prices low for the average user, thus driving sales. no point in getting a 4G phone without service, right?

      2. Maybe it’s hard to get 4G into a phone either from a cost or engineering perspective? Maybe some people don’t care about 4G at all. Is there any other time where a technology just switched over right away? I honestly don’t know why but it’s driving me probably just as insane as it is you because from a simple logic perspective all smartphones should be 4G.

      3. No, you’re comparing apples and oranges (or Apples and Androids, as it were). When you only have one product, you driving a single lane highway so you need to release features serially to maintain interest. When when you have a wide variety of products, you have a multi-lane highway with a lot of different cars to suit different drivers. Some are sports cars, some are SUVs, some are mini-vans, some are “granny cars”, and there are even a few bulletproof security vehicles. The D3 is certainly in the sports car class, though it’s built to sacrifice some speed for better fuel economy.

  2. Pentile would be a total dealbreaker. What’s the point of qhd if the screen sucks?

    1. whats wrong with you pentile haters -.- its hard enough to tell the differance on wvga much less on qhd -.-

      1. It’s because someone, somewhere, said that they didn’t like the pentile screen and it’s practically become a meme to hate it, even if you don’t know what a pentile screen is, or why they use them. Welcome to the internet.

        1. I can’t like this comment enough

      2. I can definitely see a difference in text when looking at a pentile matrix screen even a qhd one. The images from the Anand Tech review of the Atrix show the pixelation clearly. http://www.anandtech.com/print/4165

  3. I’m sooooo Glad my Sensation is Pentile free, so much better display than Moto’s Qhd displays. Absolutely no pixelation whatsoever.

  4. If only it had lte….smh.

  5. I have 2 friends who will probably be getting this. They like the slide out keyboard (i do too) and we have yet to see a 4G phone with decent battery life. (main reason many people are waiting on 4G)

  6. Man this phone is looking pretty good. I have the original droid and have liked it for the most part, a bit buggy screen though. Not sure if I would miss the LTE, it’s still in the early stages and drains battery like a champ.

    Still waiting until we hear anything about the Samsung Galaxy S II launching soon on Verizon.

  7. I don’t understand why you wouldn’t buy a 4G phone because the battery life is bad. Just turn 4G off or only use 4G when it’s plugged in.

  8. The Droid is what started all of the Android craziness for Verizon, and the Droid 3 is not LTE capable? Big fail Verizon. Big fail.

  9. “you have a slightly out of the ordinary Texas Instruments 1GHz dual-core OMAP4” Have you seen the benchmarks on the OMAP 4430? Slightly out of the ordinary? As opposed to what?

  10. i’m currently on a droid 2 global, as soon as possible i plan on getting one of these, hope OMAP4 lives up to expectations

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