Jun, 30 2011

Google+ looks a bit like Facebook and acts a bit like Twitter. One great feature is that you can add ANYBODY to your Circles, even without them adding you. If they haven’t added you to a circle, you’ll only see posts and info they make public. Nonetheless if G+ becomes Twitterish we could be getting sneak peaks into the lives of some pretty cool people.

For your amusement we’ve created a list of Celebrity Google+ users with links to their profiles.

For obvious reasons, the “Tech Celebrities” are much larger in numbers and we’ve compiled some of them below:

Want to add Phandroid.com & AndroidForums.com staff G+ profiles to your circles? Find us below!

Leave links to Celebrities’ and Tech Celebrities’ G+ Profiles so we can add them to our list (above)! We’ll keep this post updated as more roll in and more celebs of all kinds start using the service.

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