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Google+ Celebrity Users: Add Them (and us) To Your Circles!

Google+ looks a bit like Facebook and acts a bit like Twitter. One great feature is that you can add ANYBODY to your Circles, even without them adding you. If they haven’t added you to a circle, you’ll only see posts and info they make public. Nonetheless if G+ becomes Twitterish we could be getting sneak peaks into the lives of some pretty cool people.

For your amusement we’ve created a list of Celebrity Google+ users with links to their profiles.

For obvious reasons, the “Tech Celebrities” are much larger in numbers and we’ve compiled some of them below:

Want to add & staff G+ profiles to your circles? Find us below!

Leave links to Celebrities’ and Tech Celebrities’ G+ Profiles so we can add them to our list (above)! We’ll keep this post updated as more roll in and more celebs of all kinds start using the service.

  • Jdog25

    If only I had an invite :*(

    • Michael Montanez

      send me email and ill invite you….this goes to anyone…gotta look out for the android community =D

      • X SAL X

        Please be so kind Thanks a million!!

      • Jim Nabors

        kleptothecondor at gmail dot com


      • luis622

        Please send me invite if you can. I would really appreciate it. THANKS!!!!!!

      • Francesco Petracca

        If you still can, I’d like an invite. notorious {DOT} noir {AT} gmail {DOT} com

      • Mike Helminski

        If you have another to spare… shyguy at gmail dot com Thanks!

      • AllenSledge

        I would love an invite. anyone please!

      • orangesofcourse

        Any chance i could get an invite?

      • Jdog25

        I thought they stopped letting people send out invites?

      • Dimitri Kandalepas

        hopefully you are still sending invites out!



      • Usef Awnallah
      • Steven Calabrese

        send me one too please!

  • Mehul Solanki

    if only they’d accept mine….

  • Jacob Markussen

    #1 Also what I was thinking…

  • Cris Tate

    I refuse to admit Siegler exists.

    • nihir

      He’s been very positive on Google+. And whether you disagree with him or not, he’s masterful at creating controversy and attacting attention.

      • Joseph Lee

        so he’s like the tech version of Bill O’reilly, gotcha :P

        • Spanki

          Love your pic lol

  • Mitchell Buchler

    I have an invite but can get in D:

  • Chris Sullivan

    I am in!! The workaround is working again, it just changed within the last 15 min!!

  • Scott Hardy

    I wish someone would invite me… scotcho85(at)gmail(dot)com

  • James Rech

    help me son

  • Sreenivasan K

    Invite me please “sreeramu(@)gmail(.)com”…….:(

  • lawnsprinkler

    If someone can invite me, I’d appreciate it. brianhvo(at)gmail(dot)com

  • Salvador Flores

    Guess I’ll through my contact into the bag. monstasofdamidway at ja ja ja I’m in the Oakland Bay Area!!! Show me love with an invite.

  • Griffin Craig Walmsley

    oh mighty lords of the Internets please invite me into your exclusive clan!

    • Michael Montanez

      got you hooked up =D

    • AllenSledge

      I would love an invite. anyone please!

  • mattpyles

    Invite me! Matt

  • JrzDroid

    Someone send a google+ invite?

  • Guest

    ioannes120(@)gmail(.)com <—- i hear this guy is desperate

  • ioannes120

    ioannes120(@)gmail(.)com <—- i here this guy is desperate

  • Mark Haynes

    How do I invite people to this? I’ve heard that the loop hole has been fixed (or has it?), so how do you use your real invites?

    • sdcoiner76

      Look here: Also in case you want to send me an invite my address is: sdcoiner76(@)gmail(.)com

      • AllenSledge

        If you get an invite. I would love one. thanks!

        • Mark Haynes


          • AllenSledge

            Thank you so much!!!!

      • Mark Haynes


        • sdcoiner76

          Thanks, I will let you know when I get it.

          • sdcoiner76

            Got it, Thanks!!

    • alanchew

      I would love to have an invite!


    • Dimitri Kandalepas

      Please send me an invite!!


    • Steven Calabrese

      send me one too please!

    • luis622

      Can I get an invite I would really appreciate it. luis622(@)gmail(.)com Thanks!!!

  • brian tam

    invite please?!

  • Ilana125

    An invite would be great – Thanks a lot!

  • Toby Woller

    invite would be appreciated…tobywoller at gmail dot com

  • Niko Flores-Trejo

    could i get an invite please?

  • scuttlefield

    Lord Palpatine (@LordPalpatine of Twitter fame) is now on G+

  • tomdent

    Could someone add me, please!

    • tomdent

      Thanks for the invite!

  • chekorama

    Invite me plz thanks in advance

  • Florian Rohrweck

    If Justin Bieber will ever appear on that list, I’ll leave Google+ and go back to Buzz :P

    • Lucian Armasu

      It’s only inevitable.

  • Tenkely

    Hah, you put Leo Laporte on this list… #credibilitylost

  • Jasper Alexander van der Vegt

    The Bieber arrived to Google Plus.

    • Florian Rohrweck


  • LuisG3

    Would someone send me an invite, Please!

  • Leif Aaron Tabernero

    Could someone invite me as well?

  • Brock

    Tom ‘Myspace’ Anderson is on. and posting a fair bit publicly.

  • Yang Chen

    Anyone can send me an invitation?

  • androidncanada

    Can someone please invite me?

  • cas_e

    Shame there’s hardly anyone worth following on that list. Basically no-one I know is on G+ yet :(

  • Jamie Moore

    How can this list not have Felicia Day? Actress, Writer and Filmmaker (She starred in Buffy, Dollhouse, Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog and she stars/writes/produces webseries The Guild.)

    • Noah Diamond-Stolzman

      She /starred/ in Buffy, eh?

  • זכריה 8

    william shatner, alyssa milano, julian assange and a funny michele bachman (that one’s not real) are all on g+ now