Cisco Introduces AppHQ for their Cius Tablet

Cisco is furthering the enterprise reach of their Cius tablet by introducing AppHQ, a proprietary app marketplace than can be used to generate custom storefronts tailored towards a particular business’ needs. The goal is to provide enterprise users with a secure, private market that will allow for greater productivity through business-specific applications while giving IT departments control over exactly what can and cannot be downloaded and installed to the tablet. Through AppHQ, Cisco is providing developers with tools and support for creating applications specific to their Android tablet.

The concept is a first of its kind for business and enterprise users, but AppHQ, like the actual Cius, most likely will never see a release to the general public. Cisco’s tablet has been a pretty niche product, available exclusively as an enterprise product sold to business users alone. That’s probably for the better, as it couldn’t even begin to rival the big and bad Honeycomb tablets out on the market.

[via Cisco]

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  • Brad H.

    Be careful, Cisco.  You have App in the name…sooner or later, Apple lawyers will be knocking on your door.

  • Steven Skwarkowski

    APPle says it all, APP is short for APPle…..You’re copying there name! ZOMGZ, getz zee lawyerz!

  • V C

    how quickly we forget that iPhone was a Cisco trademark and Apple is just paying
    licensing fees to use the name?? not a apple hater.. in fact I own all thing apple…