Monte Carlo from Orange Coming Soon To A UK Retailer Near You

Now, I wont pretend to know too much about Orange in the UK, other than they’re one of the biggest wireless carriers overseas. Apparently this wireless carrier is so big, that they actually release their own branded devices from time to time. Take this Monte Carlo for instance, which is basically a rebranded ZTE Skate seen at MWC back in February.

The phone doesn’t do too bad with the specs either, especially given the phone’s expected £200 price tag. Coming with stock, vanilla Android 2.3 Gingerbread, 800MHz processor, 512MB of RAM, a 4.3-inch 480×800 resolution display and 5MP camera, this phone is sure to fit into anyone’s budget.

The Monte Carlo will only be available for Orange‘s Pay-As-You-Go customers and is expected to launch sometime this summer.

[Via UnwiredView]

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  • Shark Tank Fan

    here is a new Android dev phone forum for all you die hard ADP1 fans!

  • Mike Leonard

    Just for a little info… We call them ‘Networks’ rather than carriers over here. Orange  is pretty big. Recently, T-Mobile UK Orange UK merged so now people on either network can use the others, thus giving us all more coverage.

  • sQueezedhe

    o2, Vodafone, t-mobile=orange, 3 and then you have Virgin then the supermarkets.

    And because there’s no stupid CDMA you can get any phone on any network, any tariff as long as it’s not been locked, which you can get undone anywhere anyway.

  • Dave S

    whereas the ZTE skate does come with stock android, you can bet your bottom dollar that the orange Monte Carlo will come with oranges bloatware, including orange maps, orange contacts and orange apps market.

    you can already see it comes with oranges custom skin. hopefully that can be turned off like the ZTE blade (OSF)