Rumor: Samsung to Make Next “Google Experience” Device; Will Have “Super AMOLED HD”, Ice Cream Sandwich


File this one as #20442343 for the rumor bin. This time, BGR is claiming that their source has confirmed Samsung to be the maker of Google’s next Nexus or Google Experience device. The name “Nexus Prime” is being tossed around, but we know the origin and can’t say that it’s more than just something to call it at this point.

The device will supposedly be launching with Ice Cream Sandwich and will have a 720p display to make room for those virtual buttons you currently see on Honeycomb. The belief that Samsung is making it comes from BGR’s claims that the display will be “Super AMOLED HD”, suggesting we’ll get something close to Super AMOLED Plus, except with higher resolution.

Inside will apparently be TI’s OMAP 4460, a dual-core monster that is nothing sneeze at. All of it is said to go down right around the holiday season, folks, but don’t hold your breath just yet. [BGR]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Verizon please!

    1. agreed. 

      1. Probably not, they don’t belong to the open handset alliance.  Sprint & Tmo do,  Tmo at least until the merger :(

  2. why no exynos?

  3. Its because Samsung is the SHIT and nobody can fuck with their screens.  LCDs will be obsolete on phones in the next couple years at the latest.

    1. Yes, Samsung’s display technology is strong. But IMHO balancing that out is their reluctance to move to next-gen resolutions. None of their phones are yet  running 960×540.

      1. I expect their next generation of devices will have a higher resolution.  As is SAMOLED+ is still easily better than any of the qHD displays, especially the crap Motorola is putting on their phones.

      2. Although I have ZERO complaints about the resolution on my Vibrant, it would be nice to have a higher resolution.  That said, the contrast, outdoor visibility, and superior viewing angles carry waaaay more weight than the resolution on a phone’s screen.  Even if it is 4.5″

        I don’t want to see bright grey on my screen when I’m lookin at somethin at an angle or straight on in the dark.  

      3. Supposedly this one is beyond that, 720p HD quality. That resolution rumor for the next nexus has been around for a long time, I’m thinking that part of this rumor, at least, is true.

      4. Um because they don’t need to. Samsung’s screens without the higher resolution already produce better or at least equal image quality than other brands’ screens, so why would they need to make the extra effort until they have to? Higher resolution itself is moot when the images in other brands’ screens are washed out or have horrible viewing angles or generally bad picture quality.

      5. Samsung makes the best screens hands down. Resolution doesn’t even matter as much as viewing angle, contrast ratio, color saturation, etc. For example HTC uses 960×540 on their new phone, but it still has noticeably worse image quality than Samsung’s Super AMOLED +. Plus I can see Samsung’s screens outside in broad daylight. Nothing beats that.

  4. See this is the phone that needs to go up against iPone in Sept!

    1. This is the phone that has Apple scared shitless and sue happy.  Fuck Apple

      1. I wanted to like your comment but I have mad a commitment to keep my money and my private parts in my pants; Apple cannot have either of them.

  5. I seriously doubt samsung would use a ti processor…bgr needs to stop making stuff up

    1. It would be Exynos or Tegra 3. Not that TI processor.

  6. The Nexus s was a dissapointment, here we go again. 

    1. Agreed! The Nexus S was nearly obsolete the day it came out. Sad because my expectation was that a flagship phone (like the Nexus One was) would be “next gen” in enough ways that it would last. I’m really sad to hear rumors that Samsung may produce the next Nexus :(

      1. I had a Nexus S for a month when it first came out and I still miss it.  Super AMOLED screens are pretty unbeatable, I don’t like HTC’s screens.  I currently have a dual core phone and really can’t tell a difference in performance over the single core phone I have had.  I really hope Samsung is indeed making the next nexus.

      2. What?? Nexus S was freaking awesome. You have no idea if you think it was obsolete the day it came out. The Nexus brand doesn’t sell as many as the usual crop of phones, but this was one heck of a phone, even way better than the pretty good Nexus One. I wouldn’t depend on any other company except Samsung to make sweet phones.

      3. You my friend should not be allowed on the internet. There is only one phone that has lasted longer than the Nexus S and that is the Nexus One because of it’s age. There are a lot of professional phone reviewers who keep saying that they continue to put down their new 8 core phones and go back to the Nexus S.

        Here is one: http://thisismynext.com/2011/05/30/coming-nexus-s/


    2. All Nexus phones were a big disappointment. Don’t even know why Google keeps making this line.

      1. Probably because manufacturers are too stupid to realize that no one care’s about their skins. Seriously, I still say LG could have totally changed the game by releasing only vanilla Android devices, not to mention save the money spent developing their UI.

        All of these manufacturers are trying to differentiate themselves, but in reality, not touching it would differentiate them anyway. Plus, their ability to provide seriously fast OS updates just might appeal to some consumers.

      2. specifically so you can troll forums, Tomicina.

    3. It actually wasn’t. If you played around with it, it was faster and smoother than anything around simply because it had great software (vanilla android, no bloatware).

  7. 720p Super AMOLED is nothing but win!

    1. Hopefully it’s super amoled plus!

      1. Why? super amoled is overerated.

        Look at all the problems with sgs2…oh wait you can’t see them.

        Over saturated colors, yellow/blue tint/bleeding, screen burn in, bending, whites are garbage.

        People hate on pentile so much but amoled is just as garbage if you take off you fanboy blinkers and stop reading articles that sell phones.

        1. You do realize that the difference between Super AMOLED and Super AMOLED Plus is that the latter has a RGB pixel format and not a pentile display.

    2.  Seriously! I will be so happy if my next device is made by Samsung again. I love my Nexus S, and you can’t go wrong with Samsung.

      1. Indeed, the Nexus S is awesome.

        1. Yeah it is. The people that say it’s hardly an upgrade from the Nexus One are crazy. Better camera, better screen, faster CPU and a much faster GPU(play Asphalt 5 on an N1 and NS, then try Dun Def-the N1 can’t even load it), plus an NFC chip and the curved screen. 

  8. Yeah no thanks. Can’t believe Google would make the same mistake twice. Of course this could be another of Quentyn’s fantasies and we can rest easy that google comes to their senses.

    1. *sigh* for the last time, I am not a Samsung fanboy.

    2. What exactly is google coming to their senses about? Google needs to continue to develop nexus devices every year to show other manufacturers what android devices should look like and what specs they should have. Google continues to set the bar, however i admit not including a removable mini sd card port on the Nexus S was an oversight

  9. Yeah, I am just not buying that Samsung would make a phone like this and use a Ti OMAP and not Exynos.

  10. As usual Vzw WON’T carry it… but I will be getting Nexus 3

  11. Obviously the people who claim the Nexus S was a disappointment either never used a NS or know nothing about Android. Gingerbread isn’t optimized for dual core, the micro SD card was missing but honestly I never need more than 10gbs anyways.

    I upgraded from N1 to NS and haven’t regretted it for a sec! More memory to store my apps instead of uninstalling old ones to make room for new ones, no more touchscreen issues, bigger screen, better graphics processor, NFC and front facing camera and a better sleeker design.

    The Nexus S was the best phone Samsung has made until the SGSII came out. 

    1. Agreed. I love the Nexus S. The curved, super AMOLED screen, the snappy Hummingbird CPU, and all around awesome hardware coupled with stock Android. I have a Fascinate since I’m on Verizon, but I definitely would have gotten a Nexus S if VZ had one. 

    2. I had a Nexus S 4g. The signal was a joke and the wifi signal was very weak. Samsung fuck it up for sprint user. No LED notification was a big let down and no micro SD suck too because some of us like to be about to switch our card for other phone in. 

  12. Phandroid missed the part where the rumor took an unrealistic optimistic point in which multiple carriers and OEM’s are rumored to be working on personalized nexus phones respectively as part of a wave of ICS phones.

  13. Dual core OMAP? Its gonna be a Motorola phone if thats the case.

    I cant see Samsung using another chip. 

  14. Samsung FTW!

  15. Google needs to get their act together with their Phone/OS lineup.  What they need to do is create a phone that each vendor needs to carry, which is void of any skins, bloatware, etc.. (as Apple did with their phone), and compete directly with Apple.  Then all the updates would come from Google for these phones. 

    All these phones will be the same for each carrier, whether Samsung makes them or not.  This way there all phones across the carrier’s reach can be updated as necessary, without all the hoopla from the carriers and/or the vendors. 

    Google is making a HUGE mistake by not competing with Apple Head to Head, as Android is far superior IMHO to the iOS that Apple puts out. 

    Once Google makes this a reality, I can see the competition heating up between Android and Apple.  Personally I do not know why Google continues to innovate when carriers and vendors do not allow the updates. 

    This has to change now.  What is Andy Rubin’s email address?  I have a thousand ideas I would like to send to him.  Seriously!

  16. Very happy that Samsung will be making it. They are the only one with nice super amoled displays, and this one will be an HD 720p version, nice!  After owning the nexus S, i can’t buy any other display that’s not super amoled since the black is perfect, and it’s readable in sunlight.  Also, Samsung is the only one that makes super thin that’s also super light phones, love their plastic that makes the phone more durable due to flexibility absorbing impact to reduce the risk of the glass shattering.

  17. All the official Android phones have basically been there to push a certain feature, haven’t they? The G1 was obviously the first, and the MyTouch3G/Magic was there to show you can make one without a physical keyboard (as well as to make Android an OS rather than simply a single phone). The Nexus 1 was there to kick some power into an otherwise somewhat dreary selection of handsets (and it worked – as soon as the Nexus 1 came out, the handset manufacturers finally upped their game!) and the Nexus S were pimping front facing cameras as important, and NFC. 

    I’m sure any subsequent Nexus devices will follow suit. Google make these devices, not to set the world on fire with sales, but to demonstrate to other manufacturers what they deem to be important and what they’ll continue to support. I’m sure, when they make a 3D handset (if?), then 3D will become an integral (or at least integrated) feature of Android. Until then, it’ll remain part of the custom UI, for example. 

    What will this handset be pimping? Who knows? Maybe a new standard resolution (something else the Nexus 1 had a hand in). Maybe it’ll be some other feature we don’t even know about. But I’m sure there will be some unique selling point to it, to guide HTC, Motorola, Samsung’s own branded phones etc.  

  18. AWESOME. Why WOULD Google opt for any other Companies?

    There is NOTHING that even barely touches the Galaxy S II.Smart, no, obvious move from Google Inc.

  19. this is what i want: (insert OEM here) Nemisis

    4.5 in 1980×1080(16:9) 490ppi HAST display with stereoscopic
    3D capability(capacitive multi touch screen) with gorilla glass and
    unnoticeable amount of bezel(edge to edge)

    Quad core 1.5GHz Tegra 3, 12 core Nvidia GPU

    2 GB Dual Memory (1GBx2) RAM & Dual Channel

    2GB of ROM

    32GB Internal Memory with expandable memory via MicroSD up to 64GB

    Dual OV8830
    8mp cameras with 1080 video recording @30fps and 720 @60fps and 3D capabilities with dual LEDs

    1.3mp FFC

    Bluetooth 3.0, Wi-Fi 802.11
    b/g/n, GPS, MHL, DLNA, NFC, Accelerometer, Gyroscope,

    LTE @ 700mhz

    HSPA /UMTS/WCDMA 850MHz/1900MHz/1700MHZ/2100MHz

    CDMA EV-DO Rev. A 800MHz/1900MHz

    Android Ice Cream Sandwich

    10mm slim dark brushed Duralumin unibody

    3.5mm audio jack

    Notification light

    2000mAh battery

    7.1 surround sound speakers

    4 capacitive standard android keys

    Gorilla Glass covers most of front including notification light,
    capacitive keys, display, and front facing camera lie. Excluding ear piece.

    Volume buttons, vibrate/silent/sound toggle button, 2 stage
    shutter button, power key, and 3d toggle

    120mm(height) x 57.5mm (length) x 10mm(depth) @ 150g

    1. That sounds exactly like what i want. Only not made by HTC, and i could go without the 3D.

      1. second that. i’d rather have samsung make it

    2. Sounds like my old desktop computer from 2003. Damn it, thats a bit much for a phone.

  20. Samsung I doubt they make it again and oma dual core I would think they would use quad nvidia

  21. Im cool with this. Just make it a slightly higher speced SGII, with a SD card slot this time.



    What happened to the good ol’ days….

  23. I know Dan Hesse will be playing with his on Halloween….

  24. Suddenly, I think I can wait instead of getting the SGS2.  You go, Samsung.

  25. Hopefully Sprint doesnt get bought out by verizon anytime soon and they carry this device with all the google partnering theyve been doing hopefully theres a chance

  26. That is a beast of a processor. Yikes.

  27. I like buttons on my phone, preferably hardware ones;) 

  28. NEXUS Prime, so glad it is not the NEXUS 4G…that 4G name is so overdone!

    Super Amoled HD…check out the article


  29. Gah! Anyone but Samsung!

  30. One thing I definitely have to question is, doesn’t choosing samsung for a second “flagship” phone go against what Google was trying to do earlier by rotating partners on the Nexus Line?  I thought the point of Android (someone’s going to say fragmentation!) was to get as many good ideas out there.  Having Samsung again (I like sammy but I’ve never been a huge fan) is only going to give a refreshed and updated Nexus S/SII without any real update.

    Alot of comment-ers  made the point that each iteration of the official google phone set the next bar and standards for all phone makers to meet/surpass for the years to come.  Well Samsung sure has set the bar time and time, but they only set the bar up in superficial ways they haven’t truly set themselves apart.  Anyone who says they got the ball rolling on FFC on Android over looks the Evo which had it first.   Nexus S got NFC because google pushed it, the only thing Sammy has done was use super screens for their phones (Which HTC at one point did until Sammy made it too expensive for competitors to buy their screens (this is true to a certain extent, source is the korean press =[ )

    I’ve come to count on Android for innovation and I would like to see the next phone not a Samsung, but perhaps an LG or a Motorola.  LG’s known for whacky designs and Moto certainly can bring back innovation to the Android game i.e. the odd Atrix.

    If Samsung’s only offering an HD display i’m out =[, game designers design for the most prevalent hardware look at all the goodness that Tegra’s gotten because of it?  (of course i’m not saying that it  can’t be ripped and put on every phone from here to the G1 but mainstream won’t know how so they’ll buy the as in on the app market)

  31. No Samsung, no Omap then maybe it will be worth buying.

    If it’s just a crappy plasticky samesung with a 1.5 ghz dual core then what’s the point….

  32. The new Nexus having a Super amoled HD screen is not conclusive that Samsung will be the manufacturer. The Nexus one with an Amoled screen made by Samsung was eventually made by HTC. Since the Nexus is a Google phone they can decide which parts and specs to have on it. Therefore one can also logically conclude that since Samsung doesn’t use OMAP chips the phone will be made by Motorola. But i am holding out hope that after Google makes its choice of what it wants on the device, HTC will be tapped to put the device together. I will prefer the name NEXUS FUSION (the fusion of Gingerbread n honeycomb) to NEXUS PRIME. Also can the new 4 inch 720 by 1280 pixels 720p HD Toshiba screen be reffered to as super amoled HD or super LCD

  33. I was hoping for a quad core phone, but I know that it will be great nonetheless….either way hope it is released soon, I desperately want a new phone….my N1 is great but I need a phone with a front facing camera, more internal storage space and a faster processor (I multitask a LOT on my phone)

    Owww and nfc capabilities are nice too, but mostly too the geeky side of me, rather than the practical use of it.

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