AT&T Enables Third-Party Application on Motorola Bravo Using Another Application

AT&T’s just about ready to let you folks get in on the Amazon Appstore fun. They’ve already introduced a phone that doesn’t restrict non-market applications – the Samsung Infuse 4G – and now they’re set to enable more phones. The Motorola Bravo has gained the much-needed functionality, but it didn’t come in the form of an OTA update. All you need to do is download an app in the Android market that will enable you to install applications from third-party sources just as easily as anyone else could. We’re hoping their other phones get similar treatment sometime soon. Find it in the Android market. [via Android Central]

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  • Josue Aristy


    We can install roms on it but now I want an unlocked bootloader!

  • Joshp406

    Now we Backflip owners want non-market app enabled.

  • Lori Cranfield Owens

    you can install from Amazon app store to the samsung captivate w/ installing anything