LG Thrill 4G Bringing Glasses Free 3D to AT&T This Summer

AT&T has just sent out their press release for the LG Thrill 4G and wants to remind you that the phone is still coming to AT&T this summer. While no official date could be given, I can’t help but feel like this might have be motivated by the release of Evo 3D in only a few more days.

The LG Thrill 4G (also known as the Optimus 3D) comes packed with a glasses free 3D display and a dual-core OMAP4 processor. What’s particularly interesting is the fact that the processor features something they’re called dual-channel RAM capable of taking advantage of dual-cores even if the software doesn’t yet support it. Sounds pretty nice. The phone will also come equipped with a 1.3MP front facing camera, dual 5MP cameras in the rear, capable of recording up to 720p 3D video and software that can convert 2D content like pictures of video into 3D. The device will come pre-installed with Android 2.2 Froyo and LG’s TouchWiz-ish UI thrown on top.

Also mentioned in the press release is that AT&T will be conducting a free webcast for their very own Developer Program on Thursday, June 23 to help devs with the building of 3D content for the Thrill.

Does this device look appealing to anyone? Or are you still convinced 3D is nothing more than a gimmick?

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  • OMFCody

    3D is a gimmick. None the less this is still a great phone.

    • bummy

      LG is a gimmick.

    • Jay

      While I agree 3D is a gimmick, it’s really cool on my E3D! If I were on ATT and not Sprint, I would get the thrill.

  • ScottColbert

    Off topic, it should be “their press release”, not “there press release”.

    On topic, I’ve loved every LG phone I’ve had, and I’m very interested in this one. 

    • http://twitter.com/gamercore Chris Chavez


  • jonnyboypwns

    now can you give this bitch a firm release date so i can know whether or not to return my infuse 4g

  • Jason

    This is good! Another 3D handset is hitting the market. I personally don’t think 3D is a gimmick. I think it will be a slow starter, but eventually take off, especially after they find a way to increase the 3D viewing angles and reduce the headaches caused by it.

    Back to the phone. It’s similar to the EVO 3D, but specifications wise, it’s not as good. Less memory, smaller resolution, smaller battery, and only with Android 2.2 (which can be upgraded eventually). But, it does have 8 GB internal memory, which is twice the EVO 3D. Either way, I’m still getting the EVO 3D! :-)

  • phoenix

    3d is so fucking retarded. can’t wait for it to die.

  • cchannel

    Still no release date?! I’ve been waiting for this phone forever and I’m getting tired of waiting. LG, you better get a move on before the iPhone 5 comes out in August as rumored.

  • InspectorGadget80

    They really NEED TO STOP SAYING GLASSES FREE or they will confuse everyone. just say it TAKES PICTURES IN 3D. YOU DON’T NEED TO SAY GLASSES FREE

    • amygjung

      could possibly be due to translation?  definitely here what you are saying!  give us a follow on twitter for more 3D and LG related news! (@advancedtechkr)  Have a good one

    • Exodus

      Glasses free means exactly what it says.  You don’t need any type of special glasses to view the 3D effect.  The LCD uses a method called parallax blocking where alternating pixels are only viewable at specific angles to the screen.

  • Mike

    I’ve loved 3D since I was a kid and saw Creature from the Black Lagoon on channel 48 in Philly. I can’t wait for this phone.

    • amygjung

      I’ve been monitoring this phone and LG in general for the past couple months and greatness should be expected :)  If you want to read more product reviews check out the blog for project Advanced Technology and Design Korea (@advancedtech:twitter ).  Hopefully you’ll find the info helpful