Motorola Triumph Debuting on Virgin July 19th?

Motorola and Virgin have kept a bit quiet on when we’d see their latest phone, the Triumph. It’s a decent looking phone that, wait for it, doesn’t have BLUR. Or whatever the hell it is Motorola’s calling it these days. We just might have a date, though, as some modest soul has uploaded a photo to and shared it with the Virgin Mobile Facebook that suggests it’ll be out July 19th. That’s just about under a month from now so those of you eager to pick it up shouldn’t have long to wait if this turns out to be true. Be sure to check our hands-on footage out here. [Thanks Kitty!]

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  • Hector Yael Marquez

    Extremely excited about having a mid-high end phone on a prepaid carrier. Hopefully this is the start of a wave of higher-end phones coming to prepaid carriers. I am getting this July 19th, can’t wait to hear about pricing, for 25$ a month, it’ll be worth it.

    • Charlie Copley

      Make sure you have an account with Virgin already. The lower-tiered plans each raise $10 … so, starting tomorrow, that 300-minute, $25 plan becomes $35, and the $40 goes up to $50. (Unlimited goes down to $55 tho.)

  • patrik69

    SWEET!  I can’t wait to get mine. These babies will sell out for sure.  I’m going to be stalking VM’s website and my local Radio Shack store until then…

  • Kgill7

    will this have an unlocked bootloader????

    • Matt Henry

      I doubt it

  • Guest

     Nice. Too bad I’ll have my Evo 3D tomorrow!! Yeeeeaaaahhhh

  • Abrcrmdl

    don’t care unless my Photon come out the same day.

  • Meagan

    No BLUR = Bloatware, Lagware, Uninstallable, Ridiculous
    A lot of stores better stock this one.  They are all going to sell out.
    I need to find out if the signal is good in my home area.

  • djdtm420

    Pre ordered mine yesterday. I love my optimus but this phone is gonna rock.