EVO 4G Said to Get Maintenance Update June 20th; Fixes Netflix, Voicemail Notification Issues

Getting tired of that damned voicemail icon showing up when you know full well that you don’t have one? And has Netflix been bugging you after the upgrade to Android 2.3? Get ready for an OTA update because Sprint and HTC are fixin’ to, well, fix that. June 20th is the supposed landing date for this much-desired update, so sit tight for five days and we’ll see if those issues can’t fix themselves right up. Good job, Sprint. Let us know if you folks do see this upgrade come next Monday, will ya? [Android Police]

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  • Jsoll79

    Thank God!!!

  • draiko

    I wonder if the compass issue will also be fixed… it’s the “off by one” issue and shouldn’t be that difficult. *crosses fingers*

  • http://twitter.com/SportsAndTV Brian Pearcy

    I updated and have had no issues at all, am I the only one?

    • dman977

      No major issues here.

  • Ryankirby1

    The only issue I have is the voice recognition doesn’t work.

  • Goldni007

    My voicemail icon has been fine. However, Voice to Text is almost unusable in a vehicle with road noise etc. And also my screen now times out when playing videos in-browser. Wish I’d never had updated.

  • Rayevo3dfamily

    Great I will get a chance to watch some netflix before I move on to my Evo 3d on June 24th…Going out in STYLE ON MY EVO 4G THE GRANDDADDY..

  • Duke

    I updated to the June  2.3.3 release on my rooted EVO.  The camcorder would only F.C. on me. Later I read that it only works in HD mode? After using for 5 days, the phone’s quick-boot-hybernate cache was corrupted so I did the close/restart. But that also cleared my preferences set in many apps. As Netflix appears to never work on any rooted device, and there were no UI enhancements, I won’t put up with a broken camcorder. Happily back on Froyo where I plan to stay for now.

  • http://www.facebook.com/joey.bourgoin Joey Bourgoin

    [Update 6/21 @6:00am ET] Got the update, and I am happy to say Netflix is working except for the update available that does not exist for the app, this seems to be a Netflix thing and not an HTC thing though. Still no software update here in CT to the 2.3 update. Has anyone been able to download the Software update?

  • dman977

    6/20/2011 here and gone, and no update. I guess I cannot complain though. I am not experiencing most of the issues everyone else is having.

  • Brad Westvig

    I just got the update this morning.  I didn’t have any issues before, hopefully that doesn’t change.