Google Rolling Out New Mobile Homepage with Places Icons

Unless my eyes deceive, Google has tweaked their mobile landing page with the addition of Places icons below the search dialog. When clicked you will jump to a search for nearby businesses based on your location, meaning for the feature to work you will need location enabled in your Google Mobile settings. Restaurants, cafes, and bars are the three icons shown on the homepage, with an option to click through to see the entire list. We were alerted to the change via the above image showing Google’s German mobile site, but have been able to confirm that the US version is showing the same changes. Anyone else notice the new additions to Google’s site when accessed on your Android phone?

[via Reddit]

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  • Jiggy

    It is showing this page in the UK. :-)
    Good addition from google.

  • Thomas Rowe

    this is also on the american mobile google page. 

  • Dustin

    Yes, I saw the changes earlier this morning as well.

  • SamL

    Just got the new Google home page in Indiana. Only the location buttons on the bottom. Haven’t updated the top navigation buttons yet.

    • Yahoo

      click classic then mobile they should come up

  • Drauks

    Showing in Sweden too

  • Shawn

    i’m seeing this, NY DROID X

  • sQueezedhe

    Oh that’s nice – press the icon get a list and scrolling narrows the map down to what you’re looking at + directions button.  Nice.

    Almost removes my ‘places’ app requirements.  [though that still overlays on the map app with benefits there]

  • Nick M

    showing in canada, i love it

  • Willeminx

    Droid X in MA.  Nice!

  • Mikhail Cass

    Changes are a Go in Australia
    -Galaxy S II

  • Biggdaddy007 Br

    Working here, vancouver WA. Mytouch 4g/htc glacier

  • kstagg

    Showing here in the US – noticed it about 2:30AM Central or so.

  • PHX_AZ

    How come my friends iphone has the latest google browser with tabbed pages and everything and my Nexus S still does not?

    • SimonBelmont

      Same here. I do not have the newest tabbed Google Mobile Search page either.

      I have no idea why it has not rolled out to me. Maybe I need to clear the cache and cookies to get it.

      • PHX_AZ

        Hey, I tried that and it worked, thanks!  Still didn’t get the “tabbed” update, but I got the update this article talks about.

  • Atlbaird

    Mine did this about a month ago o but then stopped so i thought it was a mistake

  • guest

    try cilcking on classic then mobile if you don’t see it right away.

    • Yahoo

      your idea worked for me

  • Rafa
  • reevos7

    working in uk.

  • cds0699

    Working here, eastern USA, Samsung Epic 4G

  • josé Mateus

    showing in Portugal. Nice

  • Brianjorch

    live in Denmark too – desire hd

  • AD

    Showing up in India too probably 10 hours back

  • ATt Grubb

    Yes I do have it to G2 in Denver Colorado