Sony’s S2 (Dual-Screen) Honeycomb Tablet Hits the FCC

Sony’s just been granted approval for one of their most interesting devices to date at the FCC. It’s the Sony S2, a dual-screen tablet slated to run Honeycomb. It wasn’t that long ago that we were looking at rough sketches of the device’s outer shell. Sony went on declining to deny its existence, and it was eventually officially outed in Tokyo. (You can watch a video of it in action along with its bigger 9.4-inch cousin here.)

The tablet will feature two 5.5-inch displays at 1024×480 each. NVIDIA’s dual-core Tegra 2 processor will be powering some of the PlayStation games you’ll be playing as, yes, this is indeed a PlayStation-certified device. Check out the FCC listing here. [via Wireless Goodness]

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  • jay

    honestly, the bezel on the S2 will keep it from selling. Learn a lesson from Kyocera, Sony. Dual screen with a bezel doesn’t work.

  • Sbeach

    Stupid! This is a Sony Product.


    Rootkits on CDs
    Rootkits on Video Games ( SECUROM )
    Removed features after sale ( BAIT AND SWITCH )

  • bobomb

    Nope, not Sony.  Never ever.