[Update: More Photos] Revised Motorola DROID Bionic (Motorola Targa) and Laptop Dock Spotted in the Wild?

We’ve seen the Motorola DROID Bionic time and time again. Since January, in fact. But its apparent cancellation (or, at the least, delay) has us all giddy when new images and evidence of the device pop up. First, we saw that it might have gotten a chipset change from NVIDIA’s Tegra 2 to TI’s OMAP4 as it was spotted in a NenaMark benchmark test.

Now, new pictures show the Bionic with a bit of a different look on the back of the device, with the 8 megapixel camera with flash more prominent than ever before. The back now appears to be the same rubberized finish as before, but without any pattern on it.

If you don’t remember, this is exactly how the Targa looked when pictures of it first leaked – we do believe they’re the same. Original photos of the Targa sowed the device with a curved design near the top like the DROID X and X2, but it looks like that has been scrapped in these photos.

This story is still being told, but we have a pretty good idea of how it’ll end. Just bring it on already, Verizon. One more pic with it inside the laptop dock after the source link. [IT168 via AndroidForums.com]

[Update]: And here’s another image of the front from IT168. Looking pretty good from here, folks.

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  • WayToGo

    I preferred the original design.

    • Michael Long

      Me too…it looked a lot better

    • e30kid

      This one’s thinner. I like the way that they cut the fat all around the phone.

    • KidPhat

      I don’t think this is the BIONIC. It looks more like the Droid 3.

    • WayToGo

      The first design also looks to have a dual flash and the speaker, or at least the speaker grill, is larger.

  • WayToGo

    The back of the original design was much nicer.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=503692041 Jonathan Kulton

    Maybe it will get here before unlimited data gets the axe?

    Maybe not too..

    • Ckochinsky0125

      I would hope they would grandfather those who already have a unlimited data plan but wwho kknows.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2ZFTUZVURDWXHQLXJKHHTR5XN4 Michael Brown

    I like it. Just want it to get here before unlimited data is gone. I will definitely pick it up  if that is the case.  

    • MG

      This is mine uness unlimited data beats it to the punch.  In that case I will have to settle for one of the existing 4G phones to get locked in on the unlimited data but I hope that’s not the case.

  • pnacelli

    Forget form.. I want function! ;) Hope the redesign changes at the hardware level include a full 1GB memory.. how sweet would that be?

    • NovaeMeme

      It does have 1 GB memory.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jhaelon-Edwards-Smith/1475202489 Jhaelon Edwards Smith

        No it doesn’t, it still only has 512 MB

        • molo

          At least it seems to be having front camera, 4G, qHD resolution
          Hope it will be dual core.
          And yeah it should have 768MB+ RAM

          • TalkingMoose

            OMAP4 is a dual core

        • Brandon Girod

          Unless you’re referring to Web Top taking up RAM it has 1GB.

        • Benmiralia

          Those 512 are better than the gig the atrix has

  • Zerk

    This is better, cheap plastic bevel is gone. More modern. And the wait continues…

  • bahahaha

    looks like it has the new Blur already, bet it is shipping with Gingerbread.

    • tomxp411

      Yes, that’s the Moto Gingerbread launcher. Chances are the Bionic will ship with Gingerbread, since it’s not likely to launch until late summer or fall at this rate.

  • Raza Douche

    I enjoy the new design, its very flush, and simple.

  • Anthony

    am i the only one who noticed the lip near the bottom of the screen keys? isn’t that the tell-tale sign of droid 3? also notice the backing, its exactly the same as the droid 3 from the tutorial vids.

    • Brandon Girod

      You guys seem to be forgetting one minor issue… the Droid 3 isn’t a 4G phone. Not to mention a plethora of other reasons why this isn’t the Droid 3. Droid 3 has the sensor on the right, bigger lip, etc…

      • mac

        Exactly.  There are  many reasons this isn’t the Droid 3 if you look closely.  Go watch the Droid 3 tutorial videos and you will notice.

        • anthony sanford

          yes, I stand corrected, just as long as people aren’t put off by what seems to indicate a slider design, this could be the flagship 4g phone we’ve been waiting for! I know I cant wait to trade up from my D1.

          • Ckochinsky0125

            Look at the Droid 3 the lip is different. I dont think the one shown here is a slider.

  • anthony sanford

    I’m pretty sure this is the droid 3 here, notice the lip below the soft keys?

  • JulianZHuang

    4g due core, sold.

  • MG

    This looks like it has a single LED Flash and not Duel LED Flash.  Anybody know if this really matters or if Duel Flash is just a gimmick?

    • http://profiles.google.com/truemobius Jeremiah Bengtson

      I personally like it when my LED flash bulbs fight it out. Much better when they duel than if they are just dual LEDs.

  • Adam Ridley

    Seriously Phandroid???  That is the Droid 3 not the Bionic.

    • Ckochinsky0125

      No its not look at the Droid 3 videos again. The lip doesn’t say verizon on it like this does. These are two different phones.

    • stupid bitch

      it isnt the droid 3 retard, the droid 3 doesnt do the 4G LTE

    • jroc74

      Look at the backs of the phones. This is different than the Droid 3. This looks like it has 2 openings for the speaker.

  • ColeHarris

    Thats actually the droid 3 not the bionic

    • Ckochinsky0125

      No look again Droid 3 camera and speaker are different.

  • bluevoodo

    boring! wake me when the next nexus gets here.

  • Raza Goner

    Hopefully, the laptop dock has been more refined than with the atrix.  Also, hopefully the OMAP4 has more overall processing prowess than the Tegra 2, i think that everyone will be suprised by the new OMAP, i played with the playbook, and while its somewhat unrefined it runs VERY, VERY strong.  It should be a beast if it includes the 1GB RAM.

  • Dick Hurtzer

      No thanks, I’ve had a pos Atrix since Febuary and Motorola hasn’t sent out any meaningfull updates. Shitty support + locked bootloader =  fuckoff Motorola.

  • Raza Goner

    also, i dont believe this is the droid 3, it seems to big, with a different version of blur, and i dont really see the lip that you guys seem to see on the pic.   But if you are right, im sorry.  I shall eat crow.

  • Carmen Diva

    the original was much more appealing.

    this is kind of disappointing 

  • Ckochinsky0125

    Looks nice I like how they removed the bback hump

  • http://www.facebook.com/IanMMA Ian Smith

    Doesn’t anyone find it weird and quite suspicious that these so called “Droid Bionic/Targa” pictures appear to be taken on someones linoleum bathroom floor?  Just sayin… 

    • Xzibit

      Yo dawg I herd you like leaks so we put yo leaks where you leak so you can leak while you leak.

  • Jason

    Wow, I love the new design. Could it actually have a keyboard? THIS is the phone I have been waiting for!

  • Michael Rosenfield

    I have an Atrix Laptop dock… Will the Bionic fit in it?

  • NotRelevent

    LTE and dual core? Cya battery life, I hard knew you.

    • NotRelevent