Droid X2 Feeling a Bit Bloated? Some Pre-Installed Software Can Be Given the Boot without Root

One thing carriers love doing is overloading their new handsets with what has affectionately been dubbed bloatware. This pre-installed software often takes up a lot of precious storage on your new handset and even more often sits collecting virtual dust in your app drawer. This is especially true for game demos, which become useless unless you are willing to pony up the cash for the full version. The removal of this mandated software is often accomplished through rooting the Android handset, but in a rare instance the new Motorola Droid X2 has been blessed with pre-loaded app that can be uninstalled.

OK, so not all of the junk that came on the X2 can be given the wave goodbye. Blockbuster, Slacker, and all your VCAST apps are there to stay, but those pesky game demos can be taken care of in quick order. Good to know if you ever need to free up some space (or if you just want to flip VeeZeeDub the virtual bird).

[via DroidLife]

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  • Khalid.H

    i’m just glad that all my phones aren’t from carriers.

    • Jdog25

      Yup me too, I’ve been using non-carrier Android phones since June 2009.

  • B2L

    Why can’t all carrier crapware be removable? It’s stupid that they force you to keep apps, most of which you’ll never use.

    • nellibly

      Exactly. Forcing me to keep an app I do not want only annoys me. It doesn’t make me want to use it. 

    • HappyDroidX2Owner

      Especially when it’s taking up quite a bit of RAM and you can’t end the task. Like the AOL/MSN/Yahoo IM client, Blockbuster, slacker, and vcast. Totally close to 50Mb RAM. Root it and uninstall was my solution. After I did that and switched to launcher pro, it’s been running like a champ. :)

  • http://openid.y0himba.net/ y0himba

    I uninstalled all of the VCAST applications without any issue whatsoever, as I do not use them.

  • Thawkth

    I haven’t even removed or frozen any bloatware yet…

    First I just removed pretty much all the blur/verizon widgets. Made a nice difference.
    Installed ADW EX and now this baby flies. When I get a second, I’ll freeze/remove some bloatware.

    I will NOT keep this phone if it’s not opened. I just returned an inc2 for bloatware and lack of root. Hoping the x2 is kind to me. If now, I’ll move onto the charge.

    I will not use a device without custom roms and I’m stuck on verizon. For now.