Amazon Wireless Hosting Verizon Wireless Sale Through June 8th

The folks at Amazon have discounted some of Verizon’s latest and most popular phones through June 8th. This isn’t the $0.01 sale we’re waiting for, but you’ll want to jump on some of these devices now if you were waiting for them. One biggie includes the Samsung DROID Charge, a Galaxy S phone that we felt was just a tad bit too expensive at MSRP when it launched. Amazon’s got that one for $150 on a two-year contract, down from the $300 it debuted at. Take a look at the rest below, and remember that you only have until June 8th to take advantage..

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TAGS: HTC Droid Incredible 2 , LG Revolution , Motorola Droid X2 , Samsung DROID Charge , Sony Ericsson Xperia Play

  • InyRules

    I’d love to pull the trigger while they’re still unlimited, but leaving Sprint would be too expensive right now.

  • Jojomcdougal

    Still the same prices for add-a-line customers. *sigh*

  • Namanth

    I’m confused… when I try to go, it is still showing as 199 instead of 100… 

    • Biznotch

      Yeah I see the same thing. Apparently this is still just for new signups and now upgrades. SUCKS.

      • Biznotch

        whoops, I meant “NOT” upgrades.

    • Guest

      it’s not June 8th yet….

      • squiddy20

        “Through June 8th” does not mean “starting June 8th”. It means from the date it was started (presumably the 3rd since that was when this article was written) until June 8th. As soon as the 9th rolls around, the deals end.

  • chop chop

    hopefully this is just a sign of new phones to come… bionic/targa and droid 3

  • nellibly

    Looks like they are trying to clear their inventory. This usually signals the release of new phones. Sadly, those of us not yet eligible for an upgrade will have to just stand there with our noses pressed up against the window. 

  • squiddy20

    “VERIZON IS OLD NEWS AND SO ARE THERE SORRY DEVICES…” Says the child commenting on an article about a 3rd party selling those “sorry devices” for an “old news” carrier. Riiiiiiight. If Verizon were “old news” then why are they generally the 1st major carrier listed when it comes to subscriber base?

    • squiddy20

      Obviously not or they would have the smallest network with the smallest subscriber base. Like us on Sprint or T-Mobile.

  • BSAZ

    The Thunderbolt is still showing as $199.99 for me, and I AM eligible for an upgrade. Anyone able to get the $100?

  • Iammobilechris

    a choice to go to any carrier I wanted even though I had deposit but I
    ended up with going with sprint best prices & best customer service,
    verizon may rule the air but they won’t rule my wallet! Had verizon in
    the past… There phones are nothing but headaches and problems also
    there customer service is snobs NEVER AGAIN! Can you hear me now? :)