New Leaked Pics of the Samsung SPH-D600 for Sprint

Got a fun little Phantip a few minutes ago showing off a new Samsung device for Sprint. No word yet on the official Sprint name, but the device is being identified as the SPH-D600 which was leaked in a recent FCC filing a few weeks ago as a midlevel, 4G enabled device.

Specs that can be confirmed are a 480×320 resolution screen with front facing camera, 3.2MP rear camera, a snappy 1GHz Snapdragon processor, and already running Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread. Not too shabby for a little nugget. Actually reminds me a lot of the Galaxy Prevail on Boost Mobile except with a few higher-end features. Looks like it will be launching soon will more than please those not willing to shell out $200+ for some of Sprint’s upcoming superphones.

[Thanks, anonymous!]

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  • Khoi

    Wow…Love the design of the phone. I’m actually a little jealous ):

    • Chris Chavez

      Its not too bad, right? I kinda like this. Should complete Sprint’s Android lineup quite nicely =)

      • dasofter420


      • 5c13nc3

        With the Evo dropping to 150 on June 6th this will probably come in under or at 100, filling the gap between the superphones and cheapphones. The Samsung Transform and Sanyo Zio go are going EoL fairly soon as well, making the entry level Android choices slimmer on Sprint. I’m not a fan of the cheapies but Android is all about choice and there certainly is a market for this sort of phone.

  • phoenix

    looks like stock. interesting

    • Chris Chavez

      The tipster mentioned SOME TouchWhiz elements but didn’t specify..

      • dasofter420


  • Stussmachine

    I see why Apple is suing them for copyright infringement.  

    • gohaus

      I hope that was supposed to be sarcasm because I see no iPhone elements in that pic.

  • $6143719

    Meh…Hopefully this isn’t the Atrix for Sprint that I’ve been reading about. Nice solid looking mid level phone. Hopefully get more people away from feature phones if price is right.

    • Chris Chavez

      Atrix is made by Motorola. This phone is made by Samsung. =)

      • $6143719

        Proved my point of not being the Atrix : )
        Ment Sprints Samasung Galaxy 2 phone *cough, cough*

    • dasofter420

      Manufacturer fail

    • moises1204

      I think this is the lg sensation for sprint, hahaha.

  • Gordon

    Sprint needs a 4.5″ Superphone.  EVO 3D should have been 4.5″.  and give us a Samsung Infuse equivalent on Sprint.

  • Warren

    I want a 4.3″ inch screen with a QWERTY keyboard, dual core!

  • Richard Yarrell

    This is pretty nice something affordable for everyone. Sprint is always on top with things like this. 2.3.3 gingerbread Verizon wish they had a device with gingerbread on it.