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WOOT: Galaxy Tab 7-inch For $259.99 with Wi-Fi & 3G

If you’re tablet shopping with price in mind you’ll want to highly (and quickly) consider snagging the Woot deal of the day which happens to be the 7-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab with Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity for only $259.99.

Keep in mind the Galaxy Tab 10.1 with Android 3+ is about to hit the market so if you’re looking for the most cutting edge device, this isn’t it. But if you’re looking for an affordable android tablet that will get the job done? I’ll stop wasting your time and let you click on through.

[Via Woot - thanks Jay!]

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  • Ramon Alvarado

    Refurbished . No thanks !

  • fluffy

    I wouldn’t recommend the 7″ Tab. Too small to be a useful tablet, too large to be an ultraportable media/Internet device. The FroYo-based OS is also pretty terrible. It’s also ridiculously thick and heavy.

    • Bob

      um… built solid, gorilla glass awesomeness.  lighter than the xoom and most other tablets, the size is perfect as i can even put it in my pocket.  froyo is fine and ginger coming soon.

      i’m sorry but it is pretty perfect.

  • Truthy1

    Not cheap enough. $199 Wifi only model sounds about right.

  • 155

    It’s Sprint.  You can’t hack it and use it as a phone :(

  • passinthru

    Good competitor to the nook.

  • Lucian Armasu

    Finally, it’s at the price it should be. That’s why the 7″ Amazon tablet should also be $250 by December, not $350. I hope they are not doing it just to rip off early adopters. They should do what Apple does. Keep the price through out the year (and that price should be $250).

  • Nlsme

    Isnt it 200 NEW from Big Red?

    • Bob

      with contract yes

  • Timothy B

    Dang, if it were GSM, I’d consider it.

  • Kw3li

    I got me one