For those Still Looking to Get their Hands on the Asus Transformer, Kmart Has it in Stock for the Moment


For all the posts we’ve done on the matter, we really should start a mini-site for tracking the availability of the Asus Eee Pad Transformer. A friendly tipster hit us up in the wee hours of the morning to inform us the Kmart and Sears both had the 16GB and 32GB models of the Transformer in-stock, but as of the time of this posting one of those retailers has already depleted their inventory. So don’t waste a single precious second checking out the Sears site and, instead, head on over to Kmart where you’ll have your best luck tracking a Transformer down. Both the 32GB and 16GB are still registering as in-stock at the moment.

[thanks, Mike!]

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  1. I got mine on Monday morning. 

    You guys need a section that shows all available tablet ready apps, just until we have a few hundred.

    1. I’ll second that! Is there anywhere online you can go to see a list of tablet optimized Android apps?

      1. I think they are maintaining a list on XDA. Can’t remember how I got to that list though.

        1. Here you go, a list of compatible games and apps for tablets: 

  2. Motorola i hope you learn your lesson, this is the way to beat the icrap2.

  3. mine will be delivered tonight from best buy! w00t

  4. been in stock since last night, i saw that it was still in stock this AM via nowinstockdotnet. 
    you should also note that they are selling it at a discount, like $387 or something for buying online. I think i paid like $420 with expedited shipping and tax. too bad i couldn’t use my amazon gift card balance, but happy to get tablet either way.

  5. The coupon code “MEMORIALDAY” (5-35% off) will be active between May 27-30. Unsure if it will apply to this product (or if it will still be available then).

  6. ……and gone again.

  7. I got mine yesterday and still have a serious case of techwood.

  8. Kmart is out of both 16 and 32. You can put it in your cart, but the last stage of checkout it says that they are no longer available for delivery :( What teases.

  9. Ordered mine from Best Buy when they still had it… scheduled for delivery today. woohoo!

  10. I just checked, again. Still out of stock at Kmart, though they let you put it in your cart as Nucking_Futz stated.

  11. I just received an email from Amazon letting me know they have it in stock. 

  12. hopefully if they keep selling out Asus will update the line asap to a quad-core so all those who haven’t been able to get one when they finally do they will at least have an upgrade for the wait.

  13. had a taste of it last week when I received it from bhphotovideo … later found that the charger had a problem. I had to return it … still waiting …….. the first impressions were good. Can’t wait to get it.

    1. Are you sure the charger had a problem. I thought mine was broken as well almost returned it but found out that the country charger has to be snapped into place in order for it to work. The directions make no mention of this fact.

  14. I just went to my kmart and they had like a dozen in stock.  I asked the guy managing the electronics and he sais they haven’t sold a single one. =0 Sooooo the obvious response was to buy them all. =)  EBAAYYYYY

  15. if you have a Fry’s Electronics where you’re at, they may have some too.  I walked into Fry’s yesterday morning and bought one 16G and one keyboard.

    1. Confirmed; my Fry’s (in Georgia) had 4 32GB models in stock, and 7 keyboard docks.  Now they have 3 and 6, respectively… :)

  16. I signed up for just for the Transformer.  It is a great, free service.  I received a text letting me know that had stock.  It turns out I ordered the 1 that they had.  I have been using it for almost two weeks and absolutely love it.  I just ordered the keyboard from (another heads up) before they ran out.

    I hope that Asus can get their manufacturing delays straightened out.  It is a great competitor but they will be screwed if they cannot get enough units to market.

  17. Well, been searching for about an hour and could’ve purchased from tigerdirect last night/this morning but refused to pay an extra $30 plus shipping.  So, I just ordered off of and the 16 GB says “In Stock” and 32GB says “Limited Stock.”  Mine should ship tomorrow if the site is indeed accurate that they are in stock and are $399 and $499 correspondingly, standard shipping was $7.50 and 2nd day air was $14.  If it ships tomorrow I’ll update but I’m sure they will be gone by then. 16 GB LINK 32 GB LINK

    1. Kmart has 32 GB available as well…as of a min ago…

      1. Confirmed, AmericanTV still has these in stock for $399 and $499 respectively with no tax and ground shipping for $7.50 and 2nd day air for $14

  18. Mine is finally shipping from JR, after ordering with 3 different stores, and finally sticking with JR. I am finally going to have my Transformer hopefully this weekend. 

  19. Ordered mine from Kmart last nite at 2am EST and just got the SHIPPING CONFIRMATION email an hour ago


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