Sony Throws Minecraft Launch Party Exlusively for The Xperia Play

Okay, I’m going to try my hardest to hold in my excitement for this rest of this post but this — is all win. If one of your favorite past times is gaming (like me) you would know that every year there is a huge gaming convention in Los Angeles called the Electronics Entertainment Expo – or, as we in “the biz” call it, E3. Video game developers from all around the globe gather to share off their latest wares, among them being the big 3 – Microsoft, Nintendo, And Sony.

And it looks like the latter will be throwing a nice little after hours party to show off their newest venture, the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play. Thanks to Kotaku, we’re able to see exactly what the invite looks like and lo and behold, its themed to the teeth with clues as to what they may be unveiling. I got 3 words for you: Mine-freakin’-craft.

If you’re unfamiliar with this game, its an indie game for the computer that in it’s short time out, has grown to mythic proportions taking over the lives of almost anyone who dares to experience its majesty. Its long been known that the developer had planned to bring the indie smash hit to iOS and Android but it looks like Sony may have managed to get the exclusive ahead of Apple and even ahead of other Android devices (how’s that for fragmentation).

So if you love Android and you’re serious about gaming, could the possibility of Minecraft sway any Verizon customers who were maybe on the fence on the Xperia Play? If this exclusive is any clue, it looks like Sony is going full force with the Xperia Play and I’m already expecting more surprises at E3 this year.

Oh- and don’t forget, yours truly will be on hand at E3 the first week of June, representing for Phandroid and armed with my trusty camera to bring you guys all of the latest and greatest in mobile gaming. Its going to be a great week, peoples!

[Via Kotaku]

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  • Soccerfon

    This will be great for the 5 people planning on buying an Xperia Play. Lol. 

    • Keller

      Way to steal my line!

    • taichou

      If it comes with Minecraft for android I think I’ll buy it :D

    • zetsurin

      Well I must be number 6 then.

  • Len

    I’d love minecraft but will never buy a Sony phone. Not just because their all flash and don’t support their 6 month old devices, but more importantly not gonna forget geohot. Hope it comes to my xoom soon.

    • megapenguinx

      They are upgrading their other Xperia phone up to Gingerbread as well. Tablet support will probably come way later. Probably after everyone and their mom has been playing the game on iOS and other Android devices.

  • flamesbladeflcl

    It makes me seriously consider buying it now. I want a droid 3 with lte and an unlocked bootloader but as that doesn’t seem to be happening this is looking appealing 

    • charles rogers

      AHAHAHAHA! Droid 3+unlocked bootloader? Is there ANY reason to even suggest this will happen?

      • Flamesbladeflcl

        I know I just love my droid 1 I wish it would happen

  • Eli

    If Minecraft comes to the  Xperia it will be a race to see who ports it to every other phone first.

  • Alex Everingham

    Seriously considering this phone.

  • mrjoeyloke

    I’m gonna wait to see how many games are ported and if gaming devs will support this phone before I hop on the wagon!

  • Del373

    Well sure it’s gonna be a great week for you, you’re going to E3.  

    …lucky bastard.