Samsung Galaxy S II Gets KE7 Update Through Kies


Samsung has issued yet another quick update to their Samsung Galaxy S II through Kies. The build number this time is KE7, and while no changelog was given by Samsung themselves, several users think it improves boot-up time and faster charge times. We won’t know for sure until Samsung mentions what’s up, but go ahead and apply the upgrade through Kies if you’re the type who needs to be on the latest and greatest. [Thanks, Kris!]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1.  Wow! looks like the first day I get my Galaxy S II will be spent applying all the Kies Updates!
    (It’s better than constantly connected to my computer changing Roms to see which is better  on my original Galaxy S)

  2.  I have the if it ain’t broke don’t fix it attitude.  My unit has been running flawlessly since day one.  I didn’t want to risk mucking something up doing an update for minor fixes that really didn’t apply to me any how.  I’ll wait until there’s an update worth doing.  Right now this Galaxy S Dueces is hands down the shiiiiiit!

    1.  I. Want. One. Now.

      Unfortunately no carrier in the US has it yet plus I’m stuck for another year with my Captivate.  Maybe I’ll be able to pick up the Galaxy S III ;) lol

  3. My boot time is already 10 seconds on KE2. I feel the same as Derrick. I don’t think I’ll be updating quite yet, maybe for the next one. This is night and day Samsung, compared to your Galaxy S update treatment!

    @Mikhail, I’ve already gone from KDD to KE1 to KE2 and the updates are painless. Re-rooting and then having to allow access rights and Google syncs again and again has gotten old which is why I’m skipping this one. The phone is close to perfection in my eyes

    1. You should update to KE7. The update makes it even more better.

      Now after update Over 4000 on benchmarks alone!!!!!!
      Fast has become faster…

      1. I just tried to update on Kies and the update is not avalable. Any ideas?

  4.  God I want one. When can I get one?

  5.  My battery will charge quicker thanks to this update!

  6. This is not the Htc Evo 3d, What’s this Keis crap we don’t have to do that with Htc. Evo 3d rules android and always will. Good try Samsung

  7. anybody with a spreadsheet of per-country configuration of this phone ?

    I mean, most country got NFC removed (shame samsung) and if I want NFC I have no other option but either to go for a Nexus S or to wait for LG or other to bring NFC for countries where NFC is already deployed :)

  8. I just tried to update on Kies and only KE2 was available. Are you sure KE7 is already available on Kies?

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