EVO 3D $499 Off-Contract at Radio Shack, $399 with Old EVO Trade-In

It looks like current EVO owners looking to upgrade to Sprint’s latest and greatest Android offering will find some help at Radio Shack who are offering a pretty darn good deal on the phone. Considering its impressive specs, $199.99 on a 2-year contract and $499.99 off-contract is a deal that stands out, even without 3D glasses (like the phone itself!). Add in a $100 credit for trading in your old EVO at the Shack and we’re talkin’ a seriously good offer.

While you could likely get more than $100 selling your old EVO on eBay, Craigslist or Android Classifieds, do you really want to go through the trouble? And for those wondering, sure you could get the EVO 3D for $99 if you trade-in an old EVO and sign a 2-year contract, but since the EVO line of phones hasn’t been out for 2-years this will be an opportunity on which only a slim number of people can capitalize.

Perhaps equally important is the mounting excitement for the phone’s actual launch, certainly imminent, made obvious by all the hustle and bustle on the EVO 3D Forum.

[Via Android Forums, thanks EarlyMon!]

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  • BenChase7

    If this ad is not a fake, Sprint did a GREAT job with the price! (as usual)

  • NYCHitman1

    Nice price point. I wonder when they’ll inform us on the release date. 

  • NightAngel79

    Now THAT i can hardly believe… the price OFF contract is amazing!!

  • Phatmanxxl

     my mintcond evo is worth alot more than $100

    • Bela

       It certainly will not be once everyone is trying to dump their EVO for the 3D

      • mhmmd123

        Not for the 3D, but for the Dual Core.

  • NeutralNovice

    Just to let you know… eBay is the best route to go.  I got about $225 for my EVO and they instructed me to remove the micro SD card (8GB) and keep it.  While the card they use and the size isn’t much, it’s still something!  Waaay better than this $100 crap.

  • CanDMan

     Rob, I hope you verified that!  I know it came from the forums, but that doesn’t make it true!  Has anyone else received this email?  Does it look like an actual radio shack ad? Does that part number make sense?  It doesn’t bring anything up on the site but one number down is a zagg screen protector. 

  • Jim

     Will wait for S II.

    • UniteUs

       “Will wait for S II”

      …and all subsequent OTAs.

      Samsung = Wack

      • Jim

        Yah…so when was your last EVO 4G OTA? 

        • anon

          samsung is notorious for having shitty OTA schedules, albeit it mostly comes down to the carrier.  but, if the manufacturer isn’t providing hardware fixes (samsung phones tend to have faulty GPS chips), then you can hardly blame the carriers.  anyone who’s ever had owned a samsung moment, samsung intercept, or samsung epic can attest to shitty samsung service.  HTC tops them all.

  • elrubiroso

     I was not planning of getting this phone because I’m not due for an upgrade but at this price, I’m tempted. I can get close to 300 for my evo 4g with the wireless charging system,case and more.

  • toomuchgame441

    Price is pretty good… if I can sell my Evo with all of its accessories I can make enough to not take a great hit in my pockets if I buy the Evo out right.

  • Richard Yarrell

    Nice solution last year was radioshack for my evo4g. This year looks like bestbuy my preorder has been in since May 8th. Counting the days June 3rd isn’t far.

  • Bela

    Off contract price too steep for me. Hoping for the next gen nexus to come to Sprint. Will probably hold out for that.

  • Curry

     Ill be waiting for the Evo market to crash. >:D

  • Kevinsheeks

    its now 499 now that radio shack has hiked it up to 599 and its not 100 off anymore its 75