CyanogenMod 7 comes to a handful of new Samsung devices

The CyanogenMod family of devices is continuing to grow, with this week seeing official support of its first Samsung device, AT&T’s Captivate. But that wasn’t the only Sammy phone to gain the privilege. Also added to the ranks were the Samsung Galaxy S, Vibrant, and Nexus S 4G.

ROMs for these phones haven’t reached official release candidate stature, but the first nightly builds of CyanogenMod 7, based on Android 2.3.4, came online last night. If you feel comfortable enough with your rooting skills to give these early builds a go, you can find them at CM’s page for your downloading pleasure. Or simply click here for the Galaxy S, here for the Vibrant, here for the Nexus S 4G, or here for the Captivate.

[via AndroidPolice]

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  • SpartanX17

    Are y’all kidding me guys, CM7 has been on these phones for awhile now. Personally, I’ve been running CM7 on my Vibrant since late March. They have had the thread for installation and changelog on XDA from the beginning and downloads from SourceForge. Y’all really need to do some research before you post your stories.

    • Johnbarry3434

      Not entirely true. These are actual nightly builds so this is a very big deal. This means official cm.

    • Guest

      Are you kidding me? OFFICIAL support. You really need to do some reading of the f’ing article you are responding to.

      • Cntzeigler

        Agreed this is the official build. 

    • Demonwav

       Um…no SGS device has been merged with CyanogenMod’s mainline until now. Which now, all of the SGS are merged with mainline, aka, are officially supported. Read up on Linux and CyanogenMod build processes and how they all work before you post stupid comments like that.

  • TheShagg

     Just wondering, can this help radio for NS4G??

    • Jamille Browne

      If its a different kernel than the stock one then yes 

  • Chris Wright

    :( I want CM on my Epic :(

    • Johnbarry3434

      AGREED × ∞

  • romanl123

    If you want to get CM7 on the Samsung Galaxy S2 consider donating here:

  • moises1204

     do you just flash this like a regular rom?


    Most of my phones have been htc…htc touch/vogue, palm ttreo pro/pre(made by htc), htc hero, htc evo, i tried out samsumg moment…hated it! LoL ive had good luck with htc its preference, but im glad to see samsung users get cm great battery life, tip: use root explorer and delete ADW install gingerbread launcher first with root explorer actually move the apk to the system/app or data/app depends sumtimes on loction, but i love stock androids 3d stock app drawer launcher…..or add it on top of adw n try it out