Fujitsu Gearing Up to Launch a 7-inch Honeycomb Tablet This Year

Let the flood of Android tablets begin. Fujitsu, who announced last week that they’re going to be releasing a convertible tablet with Windows 7 (aimed at enterprise users) is gearing up to launch a smaller, 7-inch tablet later this year but this time, featuring Android. While I don’t think it will be a tiny convertible version of the its Windows cousin, it is interesting to see yet another company jump on the Android tablet bandwagon.

Although, we don’t have many details, Fujitsu promises the tablet will ship with the latest version of Android 3.1 Honeycomb and will hit the market at an affordable $350 price point. I will reserve judgment until I see a few more specs but I’ve always felt like a 7-inch Honeycomb tablet would fit quite nicely into my man-purse.

[Via Digitimes]

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  • guest

     Would LOVE to see this- 10.1 is too big, and the flyer was outrageously priced, so this is looking good.

    • BenChase7

      completely agree.  Fujitsu makes awesome stuff.. and that thing looks sweet.  

      • Chris Chavez

        Aren’t they…. the camera guys? o_O 

        • BenChase7

          I’m more familiar with their PC’s.. they make GREAT laptops. Not sure about cameras.

          —– Reply message —–

        • Razorminamoto

          they do make some pretty mean scanners actually…
          …why not get creative with a built-in scanner? :D (a guy can dream, right?) 

          • Chris Chavez

            Now you’re thinking outside the box! Lol 

          • Del373

            They make some pretty solid laptops.  The one’s issued to my sister’s class at the Air Force Academy were Fujitsu Lifebooks.  She can swap out her CD drive for an extra battery. :D 

    • Chris Chavez

      Totally agree. Felt like a complete d-bag whipping out my 10.1 inch Tab in a restaurant the other day. 7-inches is more socially acceptable =p 

      • YamiYaiba

        A tablet is only too big when it doesn’t fit in one hand. I have big ol grubby man-paws. I can hold a 10.1″ with one hand. Bring on the netbook replacements! 

      • ooohmepickme

         Well I’m sure that can be rectified, just send it my way and I’ll send my nook color over your way =p

  • Wesley

    Fujitsu used to make some awesome PDAs, so this should be a high quality awesome tablet too…