Red HTC Inspire 4G headed to RadioShack

If you’re looking for something a little more colorful than your standard grey/black smartphone, check out this version of the HTC Inspire 4G headed to RadioShack. The red color scheme looks mighty poppin’ on this 4G handset from AT&T. Release details are scant, meaning there are none. Also without a price or date is a supposed purple HTC EVO Shift headed to the Shack. Me likey the new color options.

[via Engadget]

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TAGS: HTC EVO Shift , HTC Inspire 4G

  • chris125

    Wish phone manufacturers would start making more different color phones everything is pretty much black I think different colors would be a big seller. I mean look how many people wanted a white iphone lol

    • Guest

       don’t be gay.

      • Ckochinsky0125

        Great comment jackass. Smh

      • Ibbydw

        BTW Just In Case You Forgot There Are Also Girls In This World !!!!!

  • Pochi

    Awesome blazing colour!

    I want my next phone to be in sexy, blazing and hot red!

  • thething