Leaked Roadmap: T-Mobile Shows No Signs Of Slowing Down


With the buyout of T-Mobile by AT&T you would expect them to begin slacking off. I can picture employees at their desks throwing papers airplanes and letting the phone ring off the hook. Well, I guess T-Mobile is treating this whole “merger business” like it may never happen. Take this leaked roadmap for instance. It’s here we can see T-Mobile is showing no signs of slowing down and in fact, quite the opposite. While we don’t have much to go on besides early names, I would assume a lot of these to be Android handsets. But now, lets take a look at some of these release dates.

  • June 8th, the dual-core powered HTC Sensation 4G is said to drop. Samsung also has a few handsets geared to drop that same day, along with the Gravity Touch 2 (t589) and the Exhibit (t759 Hawk).
  • June 15th, Samsung might release the Galaxy Mini (t499) aka Galaxy Suit.
  • July 6th, HTC is said to be releasing their full qwerty slider, the Double Shot, aka Mytouch 4G Slide.
  • July 15th, the cute and fun HTC Marvel (Wildfire S) is said to drop.
  • September 26th could see the release of the dual-core Samsung Hercules that Phandroid reported on earlier today.
  • November 2nd has a pair of LG phones geared up for launch. The Maxx and Maxx Q.

Also leaked were a pile of handsets without release dates which include the Samsung Dumont (sounds classy), LG Optimus 2 (updated Optimus T?), HTC Bresson and HTC G-Infinity (De-Sensified Sensation?). I also took the privilege of omitting certain “lesser” smartphones like a couple of Nokia and BlackBerry handsets, but who uses those anyway?

Now let the speculation begin! With a leak this huge, maybe T-Mobile’s “roadmap” guy got canned and released all this info out of spite for the company. All I know is it will be sad to see T-Mobile be absorbed by AT&T when they were trying this hard.

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Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. I <3 Tmobile!

    1. I would ride that any day. The motorcycle I’m not sure about…. ;)

  2. I also LOVE the sound of stock sensation! I definitly dont mind the new sense 3.0 but I would choose stock over it because of the quick OTA updates! 

    1. The G2 which was “stock” didn’t exactly get snappy updates. Unless you have a Nexus device, its pretty much a sit and wait game as far as updates go.

    2. In all honesty OTAs are a PITA I bought a nexus S for the quick updates ended up anxious to try the dev forums for their mods you get the updates much quicker this way and a new feel to the device but before I did it I got updates quick after they were announced they would be pushed two days after so first batch I think. 

      I love CM7 with Red Remix it makes the nexus S feel like its a droid that would be seen on verizon. Also the improved connectivity to the 3G and hspa+ networks is a huge plus before custom roms i’d be switching from edge and 3G.  

      XDA > OTAs

  3.  so, if the merger happens…t-mobile phones will be dead on at&t’s network right?

    1. probably. but they may do something cool with trade ins for ATT compatable phones, like for a sensation you get an atrix, and so on.

      1. They better or they are going to have a lot of angry customers. 

    2.  Not dead for awhile.. (zombies ?).. Phone will continue to work, and it will take a considerable time for the 3G/4G to die and be absorbed into AT&T.. buying a phone now you’l get a least a year out of it with full function.. It’s hardly a situation where they write the check today, and tommorow or the next day they flip a switch.. At this stage there are only plans “to make plans” which will take many many months to complete in themselves, and then followed by a slow implementation..  So another what 9-10 months before they know if it’s going through, with 6 months of planning after they know, and then maybe they start the integration.. Most people here would be through a couple phones by then. (me I’ll still be on the same one).. but I am upgrading with TMobile anyway next month because I figure that first, there is a chance that it might not go through, and second that I can live with 8 or so months at the end of a new plan with uncertainty.

  4.  Again, quite clearly a conspiracy by TMO to confuse people with a choice of devices thus driving them away and making TMO look like it has to be bought out. Yeah, that’s it. Did I get it right conspiracy nutters? (And for the really slow people around here, that first sentence was done facetiously. Oh wait. They won’t know what facetious means. Darn.)

    1. Word on the street is, T-Mobile agreed to the merger knowing full well that it wouldn’t go through, thus gaining 3 billion dollars, more towers and coverage area in the process.

      For the conspiracy theorists out there… =p

  5.  +1 for those “lesser phones”. Loool

  6. That leather suit could be a little tighter in the ‘right’ places, if you follow my meaning… 

    1. Yeah, I thought it was a little loose in the ankles as well…. Amirite? o_O 

      1. Lol where else would you be talking about?
        Sidenote – It’s 100x weirder posting after I ran into you at google I/O lol… <– that One guy you were talking to about your student ID. 

        1. Oh snaps! Hey man!!!! Good to see you again on the other side of the internet! =)

  7.  I see no mention of the only phone that will keep me from taking my lines to Sprint.  Where is the Galaxy S2?

    1. I’d believe it would be the Samsung Hercules. I mean if you think about it then it kind of makes sense. Think about it T-mobile Samsung android names always highlight the features. Think about the vibrant it was the revision to the galaxy S. Now the hercules may has galaxy S2 branding in the same way lots of other samsung devices have the branding but different forms. Vibrant essentially had a layout change in comparison to the original and not much was different. The case can apply here as well.

  8. But why? Then all we would see is her- ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….  

    1. Wow! I guess someone couldn’t handle that comment. Sheesh! 

      1. Don’t know what was said but probably nothing that bad. I don’t know what kind of fucking retards phandroid gets for mods but they all but encourage assholes like richard yarrell because it keeps the post count and view count high for advertisers then they change douche to touche in the forums because it made some twat cry. They’ll probably delete this, but that’s cool, I’m on a campus with thousands of computers, I can spam the shit out of these threads if I want to and there is nothing they can do about it except delete hundreds of comments an hour if I get bored.

        1. Wow, really?! I’ve seen the “douche→touche” thing in the forums, and I thought it was a little silly, but, (I am assuming that you’re in college from the campus reference) you’re not only bent out of shape about it, but you’re going to use “thousands of computers” to spam a comment thread?! Shouldn’t you be studying? I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that you’re not a Ph.D candidate, are you? If you’re on meds, stop. If you aren’t on meds, you really need to consult a psychiatrist and get some O_o

  9.  blah, blah, blah…hot chick

  10. Is she supposed to be the pink power ranger or something? 

    Seriously though, glad to see T-Mobile continue to present a strong offering.

  11. Too bad their 3G rollout shows no signs of slowing down, most of their network is STILL GPRS and EDGE. Head out of any big city, get out here into rural and suburban America, T-Mobile needs to get moving.

  12. Switching from TMo at this point would not be smart. If the merger does happen, they will either: keep you on the same exact plan and give you a new phone to work with their network; or they will change your plan (not as likely), thereby breaching your contract, which would allow you to leave without paying an ETF. Either way, you get something free.

  13.  If they don’t get the Galaxy S II I’m headed to Sprint.  

    1. I’m pretty sure EVERY carrier will be getting the Galaxy S II when it hits stateside… 

    2.  att is getting it..since it was revealed to have att bands by the fcc.

  14. Wheres my GS2 release? WTFMate

  15. where did you hear about a “STOCK” Sensation?

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