Google starts rolling out Music Beta invites to Verizon Motorola XOOM owners

When we first caught wind of Google’s launch of Music Beta, word was that both attendees of Google I/O and owners of the   Motorola XOOM would be first to gain access to the invite-only service. Google I/O’s announcement passed and only attendees of the event were given their invites, but XOOM owners are indeed still among the first to be able to experience Google’s cloud music platform. Invites have begun rolling out via email to XOOM owners who picked up their Honeycomb tablet through Verizon, though it is unclear if the privilege will be extended to all owners of the device. Anyone out there get their invite to Google Music yet?


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  • Kam Siu

     no! where’s my invite google?? xoom verizon owner here!! :)

  • IntenseImage

    I have 3 gmail accts on my XOOM … I used one to request an invite, the other 2 I didnt bother with. Oddly enough, the 2 I had “left alone” got invites while the acct I had requested an invite on (the MAIN acct on the XOOM too) hasnt received one!

    • FreakFly

       That’s BS.  are they discriminating against requests?  dumbasses….

    • Gphamrick

      Same thing happened to me.  I requested the invite for my main gmail account and received the invitation on my business gmail account 

    • kappy79

      I hope that isn’t the case. Verizon Xoom owner here, with only one gmail account and I requested the beta. I was really looking forward to trying it out.

  • Anthonydel

     A friend of mine got the day after the announcement, I still haven’t seen anything, both Verizon Xoom Owners (3g).  Laaaaaaaaaaame!

  • FreakFly

    Where is my invite!  I’ve had a google account since early 2003 dag gonnit, when you had to have an invite to gmail!

    • me

      same here, and a Google Trusted Tester… but yet no invite :( 

  • Bill Pittser

    Sad thing is my wife got a request and I noticed it.  I was all excited about uploading stuff to it.  Then she deleted the request not knowing what it was.  She permantley deleted it out of the deleted items as well.  booo hoo sucks,,,,

    • Nikkilinc

      If you got a request, the gmail account linked to it will still be able to access it. You don’t need to follow a link, just log into Google Music with that account. 

  • toomuchgame441

    Google Music is underwhelming… I know its a Beta, and I’ll give it time, but it didn’t last on my Evo for more than 2 days 

    • Guest

       I can verify you never had an account.

      • bri


  • William Ranallo

    I got mine last week. Works great between the web, my Nexus One, and Xoom.  I have two gmail accounts on my Xoom and the invite got sent to the non-preferred one :( 

    • Alex Fernando

      Can u send me one please tk u 

      • Secretaznman3

        Anyone trying to “send” you one is scamming you

        • Alex Fernando

          hmm ok tk u any ways 

    • HeavyChevy3500

       Same thing for me. I have been using it since mid last week. Works Great

    • Alex Fernando

      Can u send me one please tk u 

  • mondeca

     When are mere mortals like me (who signed up for the beta on the website) going to start getting invites?

  • Jens Zalzala

    Been using it since last Friday. Overall I really like it. It’s taking forever to upload my songs, though that’s likely due to my connection. I like having access to all this music on the go, and there seems to be some really smart caching going on, as there’s never any buffering beyond the first song on startup, even when skipping songs.  The web interface is really slick, too.
    I was excited about the instant playlist generation at first, but it really does a terrible job. It will jump from heavy metal to disney tunes. Just boggles the mind.
    Comparing this service to Amazons cloud player, I prefer Google Music, except that I can’t buy music from google, which may sway me back to amazon after all… I also find the playback screen on the Amazon app to be prettier than the Google music one, which seems cramped.

    • Alex Fernando

      you received the invitation to your gmail account registered in your xoom

      • Jens Zalzala

        I was at Google I/O and got my invitation that way. I do not have the ability to send invitations. 

        • Alex Fernando

          oh ok tk u 

    • Alex Fernando

      you have the ability to send invitations? 

  • TalkingMoose

    With carriers (and broadband providers) looking to charge extra for “excessive” data usage, it seems like this just throws petrol on the usage bonfire.  I’ll stick to keeping my music on-device until the bandwidth wars play out a little more.

    • Tony Murray

       Or, you could upload it then just make it all offline so you use 0 data, but still have the option to access it in other cool ways, like from a browser.

  • Mike 899

     I got my invite last week, but to be honest it didn’t appeal much to me. The only functional advantage it really has over Amazon’s service is that it does the dynamic playlists but I hear that is very rough at this point. I prefer amazon’s where I can add new music directly from their site when new releases come out. I don’t have to do multiple downloads and uploads to make it happen. Normally I am a google fanboy, but this time Amazon beat them to the punch and with a better service.

  • CoryLuLu

     Xoom owner since day one and still have no invite. Verizon 3G model. 

  • Kjohnsonk11

     Interesting thing with sub accounts from google. I added my schools apps account to my google (multiple sign on) and it sent it to that address instead. Problem though…apps accounts cannot be setup with GMusic! I’m still pending an invite to my main GMail account. No contacts or email addresses to get in contact with google to resolve issue. Bummer!

  • Jago

    And what happend if you have a not Verizon XOOM?

  • Temporary101

     any non-US Xoom owners getting an invite and getting Music Beta to play nice?

  • Jdog25

     I hope I will get mine soon. I signed up before they finished talking about it at I/O.

  • Zach Keller

     I got my invite today at lunch! 3G Verizon Xoom user.

    At least we get a couple perks for paying out the butt for this thing!

  • controlit9k

     I got my invite literally within an hour of the announcement. And I wasn’t at IO. And I don’t have a XOOM. And I’m not in the US either. Ahhh, the benefits of having a cousin who works on the Android team at Mountain View :) :) :D

    Now, the fact that my ISP’s upload speeds are so terrible that I’ve barely uploaded 4,000 songs so far and had the upload manager running most of that time, is another issue entirely. lol.

  • Jj

    Wifi Xoom user and I got my 3.1 update last week hopefully the music invite shows up soon

  • Scastelino

    Xoom owner but no invite.

    • JessieBooFace

      If anyone wants to get their hands on a free Google Music Beta invite, I found a site that was handing out from free. I thought it was too good to be true, until I found an invite sitting in my inbox 15 minutes later. :D

      If you want to try getting your own invite, here’s the link to the giveaway: