Samsung Galaxy S II Attain, Within & Function Are Names for US Carriers [AT&T, Sprint & Verizon, Respectively]


We all knew this was coming, folks – the Samsung Galaxy S2 is headed to the United States. And it’s most likely coming to all major carriers and maybe even a couple of smaller ones. What we didn’t know was a timeframe, names, or any other details aside from a general idea of what to expect beneath the hood.

PocketNow has uncovered evidence of names for at least three of the United States’ carriers, though – AT&T’s will be called the Samsung Galaxy S II Attain, Sprint’s will be called the Samsung Galaxy S II Within and Verizon’s will be called the Samsung Galaxy S II Function. The names sound quite odd to me, but they could just be codenames. (Don’t take my word for it.) Notably missing, of course, is T-Mobile.

And their names aren’t even the real story here. The news comes to us via an accessory detail and said accessory is said to be interchangeable between these three phones – it looks like customization will be little, if any, above the surface. Are the carriers reluctant to differentiate their hardware from one another to facilitate quicker updates? Or was it Samsung who urged them to take on the same form factor?

In any case, news about the Galaxy S II’s United States launch couldn’t get here soon enough. Samsung had us save a date for New York City on May 24th. Many believe it’s a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 launch event, but don’t rule the possibility of a Galaxy S II reveal out.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Please have LTE and not be otherwise fucked with.  Come on, Verizon.  Don’t blow this.

    1. and no damn Bing! 

      1. no kidding
        why the hell does google let them put bing on it 

        1. $$$$$ ….

        2. New to Android? Google didn’t, the carriers and OEM did. All Google did was provide the AOSP (Android OS). What happens then is based on what the carriers and OEM wants to do with it. Don’t blame Google.

          1. Google could easily decide that replacing the search means you can’t call it “Android.”  Come on, Google, haven’t we suffered enough with the Fascinate?!

    2. I’m holding out for this phone, so hopefully it’s LTE. I don’t want to have to wait til the fall for the bionic/targa/whatever it is. 

    3. I’ll dream to see Samsung names the SGS2 “Carly” on T-mobile :D

  2. Let’s hope they are codenames, they’re all called the Galaxy S2 in the UK no matter which network. Why Samsung wouldn’t want to use the same name, which is heavily advertised, I don’t know. Otherwise they’re losing out on cross-promotion and word of mouth endorsement, it’s hard enough to follow as an Android developer, let alone someone faced with tens of unknown options.

  3.  Stupid names, but they can change that if they want, as long as they stick with the “vanilla’ Galaxy S2. It seems like they will. Hopefully they even keep the button on the front. 

  4.  they are going to have a kickstand like the evo thats nice

    1. What makes you think that?

    2.  Look where it says Features above. It say there is an opening on the back to allow use of the phones kickstand. Hmmmm…..

      1. Sweet, thanks for pointing it out. 

      2. Hmmmm, but are they talking about the cut out for the camera or the one for the speaker? ;) 

  5. Lets hope for some release info and hope since they are all similar this will speed up updates.

  6. I was in an ATT store this weekend and the guy said they had a Samsung galaxy s 2 in the back. He wouldn’t show it to me. He also had no idea of a release date. But it was definitely there. Let’s hope Verizon gets this thing soon. I need one.

    1.  He was lying and you’re a nitwit if you believed him. If they were at Verizon (or ANY U.S. carrier stores) we’d have long since gotten a picture and specs to leak out.

  7. I was in an ATT store this weekend and the guy said they had a Samsung galaxy s 2 in the back. He wouldn’t show it to me. He also had no idea of a release date. But it was definitely there. Let’s hope Verizon gets this thing soon. I need one.

    1. He was most likely incorrectly referring to the Infuse 4g, no AT&T store has any Galaxy S 2 phones in stock and in most cases the stores don’t get the inventory to sell for launches until a couple of days in advance at most… Would be awesome though, but not a reality… Sorry 

      1. half the world already has it, there’s been over a quarter million sold already.  wouldn’t be impossible to have one but the guy could be making a mistake

        1.  Yeah but carriers don’t send phones to the stores before they’re announced, so since no one has claimed these phones officially yet there is no chance that the carriers have them stocked at their stores, and since they only get them in a few days before launch if a store had a SGS2 it would have then launched this past Sunday, which matches up with the Infuse launch… Again I wish that they had them in stock cause that would mean they would be in our hands in a matter of days… But I’m guessing they will do another Sammy event where they announce all the Galaxy models at once for all carriers, like they did for the first gen of galaxy s phones…

  8. Regardless what they officially call it, I’ll just call it my GS2. 

  9. I am dying for one of these. My OG Droid is crapped up, slow, glitchy, crashing/rebooting all the time. If this doesn’t drop soon-ish I may be tempted by the iphone 4S or whatever they end up calling it in September. As it is I may just go back to my old blackberry with the way the Droid is letting me down as of late.

  10. Those are three of the most stupid names I’ve seen yet in the world of Android. Hopefully, someone in marketing stops smoking whatever their smoking and come up with something better – like, say, “Galaxy S2”. Or maybe they are just codenames?

  11.  I will buy the phone on Sprint ONLY if it doesn’t have the clunky keyboard (and Wimax, of course)

  12. The user hype surrounding the phone makes me look but at the end of the day, it is a Samsung. And after this winter’s charlie foxtrot regarding updates and Samsung’s “Eff You” press release, I will not go that route (when people or companies show me who they are, I believe them the first time). I’m already a VERY happy Sprint/HTC/EVO customer…and the EVO II (I’m not calling it a stupid EVO 3D) is about to drop…so that is where I’ll remain.

    1. Cool story bro

    2. You should Google search HTC Touch Cruise 3D drivers sometime. 

    3. I’m sympathetic to being mad at a company.  I’m mad at Motorola and Sony as well.  But between Samsung and HTC (and there aren’t many options left after that), I’m not sure HTC is the better option for a hacker friendly phone.  The SGSII has already been rooted and is getting great user reviews as you said (as an example, I liked this one:  The fact that it is easier to root a Samsung than an HTC on some of the most recent models (thanks a lot HTC), has me willing to vote for Samsung with my money even though their past behavior is nothing to write home about.

      If it were possible for smaller companies like Geeksphone to compete in this market of the latest technology in so many areas – processor, screen, camera, gps, and on and on, I’d love to support them instead.  But I’m not going to shortchange myself the option of having some of the best hardware out there, just because none of the major companies are saints – I’m content to choose the least bad assuming they offer a descent device.

  13.  CM7 is out for most of the original Galaxy S versions.  I can’t imagine Cyanogen wouldn’t eventually support the newest one.  After my OG Droid, this will hopefully be my upgrade.  Come on Verizon, don’t screw this up!

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